Smart Stuff Storage
By: Date: 25.08.2020 Categories: Storage

The order in the house is not a parental whim, instilled in us from youth. The competent organization of storage of things is the key to a comfortable, comfortable and beautiful home. Coping with mess is easier than it sounds. Modern ideas for storing things significantly save time, money and effort. Storage of goods in…

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Storage of Things Voronezh
By: Date: 17.08.2020 Categories: For rooms

Voronezh, text – Lena Minnibaeva, photo – Alexandra Grig All those in need can use the warehouses. In Voronezh, several warehouses of free things for those in need work and are in demand. In late July, they were joined by a new warehouse at the Voronezh Center for Social Initiatives. All warehouses operate on a…

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Ceiling Storage Systems
By: Date: 13.08.2020 Categories: Storage

The ceiling system allows you to store occasionally or seasonally used items so that they do not interfere and at the same time are simply accessible. The ceiling storage system is based on PowerTrak duralumin rails, to which various hooks, suspensions and lifts can be attached and moved as needed. EXPERT OPINION Ivan, garage expert…

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Storage Chests Online Store
By: Date: 07.08.2020 Categories: Boxes

Chests – furniture from the past, which evenly becomes more and more necessary in modern houses. If you want to buy a chest for storing things, look for an elegant, unique designer copy, look at the PUSHASTORE online store. You will find cheap models resembling decorative boxes for dressing tables, as well as huge wooden…

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Large Storage Containers with Lid
By: Date: 07.08.2020 Categories: Storage

Plastic storage boxes simply impress with their versatility. Indeed, the same box can be used for a wide variety of products. Moreover, these same products in plastic storage boxes are convenient not only directly stored, but also transported from place to place, also used in trade relations. Judge for yourself. Today in the shops you…

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Storage of Personal Items at the Workplace
By: Date: 05.08.2020 Categories: Others

In the West there is a specialty “professional organizer”. It helps clients clean up rooms and cabinets, in cardboard and electric files, and also create a personalized planning system. Studies show that on average a person loses an hour a day due to disorganization. With all this, people are terribly annoyed when they cannot find…

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Storage System Leroy Merlin Catalog
By: Date: 05.08.2020 Categories: Storage

Neither poor layout, nor low ceilings, nor load-bearing walls prevented the designer from squeezing the maximum out of this compact three-ruble note and transforming it into a comfortable and inconvenient apartment. Work on the project began with a small redevelopment – the only wall that could be touched separated the living room from the corridor….

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Organizing and Keeping House Things
By: Date: 03.08.2020 Categories: Storage

Last fall, we launched a large-scale series under the general title “Organization of Space”, it included twelve galleries and more than three hundred pictures with thoughts on the optimal and creative storage of things in different rooms of the house. Specifically, thanks to this series, a special page “Everything about order in the house” was…

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Large Storage Boxes
By: Date: 31.07.2020 Categories: Storage

This product category offers boxes for storing things made of strong and environmentally friendly cardboard. Characteristics of cardboard boxes for things Offered boxes with their multifunctional purpose have temporary or long-term storage of things. They are also used as containers for transportation of household items, office supplies, computer or home appliances. As the initial raw…

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Storage Design
By: Date: 31.07.2020 Categories: Storage

A mirror is an indispensable attribute of any bathroom. But you can not only look at it, gathering in the mornings, but also store cosmetics or other little things in it. And it’s not necessarily to take an unfortunate cabinet with a mirror door – you can choose a mirror with the deepest frame, the…

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