Make a Box for Storing Things with Your Hands
By: Date: 01.06.2021 Categories: Storage

All ancestors know how difficult it is to achieve impeccable order in the house, when the kids are still completely small. Especially in the nursery, where toys are scattered across the floor, and on the table, and on the beds, and under the bed, and in other sudden places. But this problem can simply be…

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Do-it-yourself Storage Areas
By: Date: 24.05.2021 Categories: Storage

An active lifestyle in a modern large city is gaining more popularity, because the residents’ needs to increase the storage space for sports equipment, equipment and related accessories are becoming apparent. In this material, we have selected successful storage options for various sports equipment, from which you can learn a lot of useful and convenient…

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How to Make a Beautiful Storage Box
By: Date: 21.05.2021 Categories: Storage

A shoe box has several advantages: they are locked, most of them fit the dimensions of drawers and shelves in cabinets and they are made of strong cardboard, which absorbs excess water perfectly, and some are even equipped with special holes through which air passes, because things don’t "gasping for breath" for long storage. So…

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Storage of Things in the Cupboard Photo
By: Date: 14.05.2021 Categories: Storage

Before proceeding with the reorganization of an old cabinet, it is necessary to understand what lies here. There are several rules to this debriefing. If you understand them – excellent, but if not, then remember. Start with a stained sheet. Cleaning up, moving things from place to place in a stuffed closet, is just plain…

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Keeping Small Things With Your Hands
By: Date: 10.05.2021 Categories: Storage

In each house, empty plastic bags take up a lot of space, mainly in the kitchen. The question is how to store packages comfortably and conveniently. Despite the fact that many are accustomed to storing “packages in a package” or in boxes, which is not very comfortable and takes up a lot of space, there…

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Storing Things in the Bank
By: Date: 05.05.2021 Categories: Storage

– one of the services, which involves the transfer by the client (depositor) to the bank (custodian) of certain values ​​for temporary savings. Storage items can be precious metals or stones, securities of Russia and issuers of other states, currency and other things of value to the depositor. The essence of storing valuables in a…

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Children’s Storage Boxes
By: Date: 29.04.2021 Categories: Storage

Modern toy storage boxes have a beautiful design and have the highest functionality. Young mothers do not need to figure out where to put countless treasures of their children once a day, if the house has a children’s chest of drawers, chest, ottoman, sofa or other elegant thing with capacious internal compartments. It is worthless…

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Fabric Storage Boxes
By: Date: 22.04.2021 Categories: Storage

Do you have open shelves at home and a lot of things that do not always look decorative, but which need to be stored in some places? I have! And even a lot! True, these are not fabrics, but mostly seasonal clothes, shoes and various household items of frequent use. But I decided to show…

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Making Storage Boxes
By: Date: 19.04.2021 Categories: Storage

The locker room room will help not only significantly expand the living space of the apartment, but also comfortably arrange all your clothes, shoes, devices or bedding. By equipping the locker room, we get rid of massive chiffoners, walls and chests of drawers, which take up not less, but even more free space. Photo of…

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Vacuum Storage Bags How to Use
By: Date: 14.04.2021 Categories: Storage

Storage is a problem for the inhabitants of small apartments. Jackets, blankets, down jackets, hats, scarves and other seasonal items take up a lot of space, taking up excess space in the closet. It’s time to find out all about the vacuum bags. Storage of seasonal items usually requires a lot of space Photo: social…

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