Mesh Wardrobe Storage Systems
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Frame wardrobe systemThe dressing room in the apartment is now not a luxury, but a necessity. Thoughtful storage systems provide economical use of space, freeing up space from a pile of chiffoners, chests of drawers and cabinets.

Types of systems

Four main storage systems have been created. Any of them has advantages and negative traits. Therefore, when making a choice, you should rely on your own preferences, the size of the room and the available money.

Panel wardrobe systemVarieties:

The traditional or case system is one of the most popular and convenient to use. It consists of case modules connected by couplers, it can be built-in or composed of sections. Advantages: spaciousness, low cost, things look neat, do not fall out. The disadvantage is that you can’t rearrange the shelves, because they ensure the stability of the structure. A cellular (mesh) system is attractive because it does not take up much space, it is universal.Frame (column) wardrobe system A distinctive feature is the set of mesh elements that are attached to the wall by means of guides and brackets. Advantages: many accessories, low cost, the design looks lightweight, weightless and at the same time multifunctional. The frame (column) system for the dressing room is a rack attached to racks (columns) of metal. Advantages: the combination of wood and metal brings comfort to the interior, the absence of walls visually gives the structure lightness, it is simply assembled, disassembled and transported. The panel system (boiserie) is suitable for people who appreciate style and aesthetics, who are ready to pay decent money for this.wardrobe system Aristo (Aristo) The device uses panels that are attached to the wall and equipped with consoles with various elements (shelves, drawers). All lines of such a storage system are vertical, panels reliably hide wall defects.

Wardrobe items

In order to properly organize the storage of things, you need to correctly select the filling elements in the dressing room, think about where the hangers, drawers, rods will be placed.

Accessories included in the system of elements for the dressing room:

Shelves. There are retractable and stationary (one hundred cm deep, 30–40 cm wide).

wardrobe system Aristo (Aristo)CouncilMiss Cleanliness magazine recommends: top shelves designed for boxes and suitcases must be fifty cm wide.

Boxes. Underwear, jewelry and accessories must be protected from dust. With a similar function crates with dividers. Pantographs (pull-out hangers) and rods. Arranging a dressing room is unthinkable without bars and pantographs. The lower rods are designed for jackets, blouses, shirts, skirts. Located high (from one hundred sixty five cm) – for long clothes (coats, dresses). Retractable hangers for trousers. Must be at a height of not less than sixty centimeters and are an attribute of a multifunctional dressing room. Shoes modules.

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