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By: Date: 26.08.2021 Categories: Storage

The main rule for the entire apartment is not to forget about such occasionally used places as corners, a place near the ceiling and above a door, also places under a bed and under kitchen cabinets. How to store things in a small apartment? Use functional folding furniture and items such as banquets, ottomans, lift…

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Storage Boxes in Leroy Merlin
By: Date: 24.08.2021 Categories: Storage

(Bytplast) st. Kuskovskaya, d.37 / 60Moscow, Our Homeland, 111141 Phone: Fax: www.Bytplast company, having been vibrantly developing since two thousand years, has become one of the leading Russian manufacturers of plastic home products. The assortment of the company includes modern solutions for the kitchen and storage, as well as children’s products, plastic furniture and household…

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Storage Organization in the Closet
By: Date: 18.08.2021 Categories: Storage

I came across an article with fascinating thoughts on the organization of life (read and comments too!). Some seemed new, something had already seen, something even apply (though, I admit, it’s tight with foreign languages, because not so far I realized). In the end, based on her motives, she decided to compile her own list…

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Wardrobe Storage Systems in Minsk
By: Date: 11.08.2021 Categories: Storage

Archival iron cabinets are a good solution to the problem of storing accumulated office and technical documentation, archival documents, electrical storage media and other things. They allow you to comfortably and correctly place information on cardboard media of various formats. Iron racks will become an irreplaceable element of any office, warehouse, utility room or work…

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Balcony with Storage Cabinet Photo
By: Date: 04.08.2021 Categories: Storage

The need to get rid of a massive closet can appear for two reasons: either the room is not very large, or the owner has the goal of creating a modern design that does not predict the presence of bulky and impractical furniture. Storage without a massive closet What advantage will we get if we…

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How to Stitch a Hanging Storage Organizer
By: Date: 28.07.2021 Categories: Storage

Get rid of the trash Take a look around. What surrounds you? Is the room littered with clothes, old magazines, holiday souvenirs, toys, some boxes, wires and other unnecessary things? Get rid of it! A cluttered place crushes and creates discomfort. Spend a general cleaning in the house, eliminate all excess. Place your order in…

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Modular Wardrobe Storage Systems
By: Date: 23.07.2021 Categories: Storage

Locker room system – traditional or hi-tech — We clean the wardrobe in one week “Modular wardrobe systems – create your dream room from separate modules, as from a designer” Modern wardrobe systems are a set of module elements: glass or made from chipboard shelves, drawers from chipboard, mesh baskets and other accessories that are…

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Plastic Drawer Storage Boxes
By: Date: 20.07.2021 Categories: Storage

It so happens that your hands do not reach to clean up the kitchen drawers. Everything is piled up there: coffee cups with chips, a jar of cinnamon, a lid of a beloved pan. When something suddenly comes in handy, you’ll have to transfigure all this when searching. Do not allow chaos, confusion in the…

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DIY Storage Box
By: Date: 14.07.2021 Categories: Storage

The tradition of making blanks for the winter is unchanged for the Russian people. Even when moving to a high-rise building from a personal home, many do not want to abandon this event, because vegetables and fruits that have been preserved or stored at the right temperatures have repeatedly helped out in different situations. Do-it-yourself…

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Do-It-Yourself Cardboard Boxes
By: Date: 06.07.2021 Categories: Storage

Now we will talk about how you can make nice and useful things out of nothing. There are empty boxes in every home. Freed from valuable contents, we usually send them to the trash or directly to the shelf to other unnecessary things. But do not rush. They all can simply transform into useful and…

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