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Storage without bulky closetThe need to get rid of a massive closet can appear for two reasons: either the room is not very large, or the owner has the goal of creating a modern design that does not predict the presence of bulky and impractical furniture.

Storage without a massive closet

What advantage will we get if we get rid of a massive cabinet? First, you can make comfort in the house, make the room more light, spacious. But how to ensure order in the house, how to make sure that any thing has its own invariable place? Designers offer some fascinating thoughts! Now there may be storage without a massive closet. Choose the option that suits you best!

Storage without bulky closet

Option No. 1: small-sized shelves

Small-sized shelves are relevant for use in rooms with a small area, where there is no way to put large cabinets. You can install them in a niche, at the end of a narrow corridor, on the balcony. Such a convenient device will not only decorate the interior of your home, but also allow you to keep all the necessary things such as shoes, a hat, and bags in a conspicuous place.

Many hostesses can refuse such a decision for the reason that things will be visible to prying eyes.Storage without bulky closet However, you can look at this situation on the other hand, because if you combine the colors of your clothes, place the accessories nicely in their places, you can play around the room in a new way, make it more interesting, bright, unusual.

In addition to the shelf, you can use hinged rods, which will allow you to hang things. Particularly beautiful shelves of compact size look in a room whose interior is made in the Scandinavian style or the loft style. You can design a shelf yourself, it will not take you much time, and for work you only need plywood, boards, metal and tools.

Option number 2: shelving

Storage without bulky closetA shelving unit is a shelving structure that consists of several tiers. The rack does not take up much space, you can independently adjust the height of the structure and its depth. As practice shows, such dimensions are often used: the height of the rack is 1, five meters, the depth of the shelves is forty cm. You can use this design to store shoes, bags, hats, clothes. So that the clothes do not catch the eye, you can cover the rack with a screen, curtain.

Option number 3: mobile racks

Many of you must have noticed that in stores things weigh on mobile structures, and there are also such structures in dressing rooms. Using a mobile stand is convenient at home, especially if your living space is small. The rack is great for storing things. They can be hung up, and shoes or hats can be stored on special shelves. This modern furniture will replace your ordinary wardrobe. Such storage of things without a bulky closet is very convenient and rational.

Storage without bulky closet Storage without bulky closet Storage without bulky closet Storage without bulky closet

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