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Fabric Storage Boxes
By: Date: 22.04.2021 Categories: Storage

Do you have open shelves at home and a lot of things that do not always look decorative, but which need to be stored in some places? I have! And even a lot! True, these are not fabrics, but mostly seasonal clothes, shoes and various household items of frequent use. But I decided to show…

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Making Storage Boxes
By: Date: 19.04.2021 Categories: Storage

The locker room room will help not only significantly expand the living space of the apartment, but also comfortably arrange all your clothes, shoes, devices or bedding. By equipping the locker room, we get rid of massive chiffoners, walls and chests of drawers, which take up not less, but even more free space. Photo of…

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Vacuum Storage Bags How to Use
By: Date: 14.04.2021 Categories: Storage

Storage is a problem for the inhabitants of small apartments. Jackets, blankets, down jackets, hats, scarves and other seasonal items take up a lot of space, taking up excess space in the closet. It’s time to find out all about the vacuum bags. Storage of seasonal items usually requires a lot of space Photo: social…

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Storage Boxes in Leroy Merlin
By: Date: 07.04.2021 Categories: Boxes

When moving, one of the burning issues is packaging. If you want things to be delivered to a new place safe and sound, then this issue needs to be carefully thought out, especially which boxes to choose for moving and where to buy them. Cargo packaging should be painstaking and non-hazardous. It’s especially difficult to…

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Order Vacuum Storage Bags
By: Date: 05.04.2021 Categories: Storage

Description The main advantages of vacuum bags for clothes: In vacuum bags you can store not only small items of clothing, but also quite large things – for example, pillows or down jackets — creating a vacuum inside the bag allows you to keep compartment Does your clothing become dusty over time or lose its…

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Storage of Different Things in Cabinets
By: Date: 31.03.2021 Categories: Storage

The placement of storage systems is one of the key points that you need to pay attention to when planning your bedroom interior. They should not clutter up the place and attract attention to themselves – we tell how to solve the issue of storage in the bedroom well. 1. Place a bet on the…

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Storing Things under the Ceiling
By: Date: 24.03.2021 Categories: Storage

Share this Share this Class! How to use the ceiling spot Denis Butenko, a leading garage expert at GarageTech, is an example of the garage of Galina Polsky and her family. Galina Polish Garage after arrangement To finish the ceiling in the garage, it is recommended to use special plastic panels with high wear resistance….

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Storing Winter Things
By: Date: 22.03.2021 Categories: Storage

Start sorting Gather things from the hallway and carry on the bed. Do not forget hats, scarves, mittens and gloves. Divide them into three piles: things that need to be dry cleaned- things that need to be washed – clothes that are no longer suitable for anything – they are in the trash. (By the…

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Cloth Storage Boxes
By: Date: 17.03.2021 Categories: Storage

How fast and true to pack. Tips for those who plan to store things in repair and relocation. When a family starts repairs and moving, it turns out that the most difficult part is not the repair process itself, and not even the issue of financing, it is most difficult to decide and understand how…

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Storage Boxes under the Bed
By: Date: 10.03.2021 Categories: Storage

When choosing a bed, we are in most cases puzzled by the search for comfort, good design and a suitable size. But do not forget about the storage function. Modern lodges at the moment are so diverse in design that they can fully meet all your needs. Special backs, unusual running boards, podiums noteworthy, built-in…

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