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how to equip a small apartmentThe main rule for the entire apartment is not to forget about such occasionally used places as corners, a place near the ceiling and above a door, also places under a bed and under kitchen cabinets. How to store things in a small apartment? Use functional folding furniture and items such as banquets, ottomans, lift beds, furniture and drawers on wheels. Where possible, store things upright, so they take up less space.

Ideas for Small Apartments: Kitchen

Here you will need soft hinged sections, which in abundance can be found in stores and even sew without the help of others. For example, this one is for a small desktop dishwasher. It is very convenient to store spices in the refrigerator. Firstly, do not look into the drawers or reach for the lockers, you can immediately see what you have and what is already being completed. Well, the main problem is solved – shelf space is still free!

See how much you can fit on just one wall of the refrigerator! If there is a small space between the refrigerator and the wall (even fifteen cm is enough), you can build a sliding rack by screwing furniture wheels to narrow shelves and attaching a handle on one side. You can also equip a cabinet under the kitchen sink. Hang the two rods on the light curtain brackets that are sold in building supermarkets to accommodate extra trash bags and, if necessary, extra paper towels. Paper coasters made from wire mesh are a convenient replacement for large vegetable baskets. Another option is to store vegetables in hanging linen bags, which can be placed in any suitable place, simply hanging from a hook. If there is very little table space in the kitchen, do not forget that there are options for folding tables. And the most compact are those that are attached to the wall.25 things that are simply necessary for all owners of small apartments They do not take up space on the floor, either unfolded or folded. When space is tight, any suitable surface must be used. Is there a free cabinet wall? Fine! Fasten light rail to it, buy some S-shaped hooks and store kitchen utensils. And, of course, in a small kitchen you can not do without a magnetic bar. And you can place on it not only knives, but any other kitchen utensils made of metal. The meaning is very simple – there will be more free space on the countertop.

Always try to buy more compact items, also those that can be folded. For example, such a folding grater is just a godsend for a miniature kitchen. And another great example. Too narrow cupboard, where can’t it fit? Screw a few hooks to the shelf, and you will have another row of dishes, for mugs.

Ideas for small apartmentsIdeas for a bathroom in a small apartment

Remember the multifunctional furniture? It is needed in almost any bathroom. The upside-down bar stool, for example, turns into a shelf for cosmetics and a heated towel rail. Each room has free space above the door. It must be used for shelves (open or closed). But do not forget that open shelves should look neat, and if you fill them with a lot of things, you will get a sense of clutter. To hide such a mess – put several closed boxes on the shelves and store everything in them. A little tip: when you buy towels in the bathroom, you do not need to choose all the colors that you liked. Focus on a certain range and one or two colors and always stick to them. So the room will look tidier. And again we use hooks and roof rails. Photo on the left: with a single hook on the wall you can build a whole hanging rack. We use several buckets of IKEA, fastened together by a clothesline. A great place for makeup brushes, combs, tongs or curlers. Right photo: no space for towels? Fasten them to the bathroom door. Moreover, you can use not only the upper part of the door leaf, but the lower one!

Ideas for a small bedroom

What if the room is so small that there is only room for a bed? We take the idea from the kitchen and place a hanging table next to the berth. We get: a shelf for things that are needed at hand, a desktop for the computer and a coffee table for breakfast in bed!Ideas for a small kitchen Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen Photo magnetic bar in a small kitchen folding grater photo

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