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Technical Drawing Storage Case
By: Date: 03.06.2021 Categories: Others

The set is designed for cots, the berth of which is more than 120 * 60 cm. The sides are made up of 4 parts, made of 100% cotton with high quality features: hygroscopic, hypoallergenic, resistant to changes in color and shape, as well as crushing, which is more important for baby bedding. All parts…

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Storage Boxes in Maxidome
By: Date: 23.12.2020 Categories: Others

Thank you for deciding to give useful things unnecessarily! Giving clothes for nothing is probably one of the most common and enjoyable ways to help. We have been working with clothes since two thousand and ten years in order to transfer clothes to those in need of support and to raise funds for charitable organizations….

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Storage Systems on the Balcony
By: Date: 08.12.2020 Categories: Others

We collected the best ideas for decorating balconies and loggias that we could find on the web, and asked Olga Kostyukova, a master consultant for the supermarket chain to give and repair OBI, to comment on how and with what materials you can achieve the same result. Bedroom Sleep in the freshest air and enjoy…

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Storage of Personal Items at the Workplace
By: Date: 05.08.2020 Categories: Others

In the West there is a specialty “professional organizer”. It helps clients clean up rooms and cabinets, in cardboard and electric files, and also create a personalized planning system. Studies show that on average a person loses an hour a day due to disorganization. With all this, people are terribly annoyed when they cannot find…

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Make Storage Boxes
By: Date: 08.07.2020 Categories: Others

Choose a suitable wood box. The size should be such that your hidden treasures fit freely into it. You can also purchase a lockable safe and pull out the stand for funds from it. A safe can be purchased at a hardware store, stationery or department store. Buy a lock-free padlock protected from picking. If…

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Storage of Things on the Balcony Photo
By: Date: 07.07.2020 Categories: Others

The idea of ​​balconies as a place to store things or to dry clothes is now outdated – now they are designed as part of a living space Photo: Sergey Ermokhin / TASS Balconies in their usual form evenly go into the past: not only their functional purpose, but also their appearance changes. From cluttered…

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Do It Yourself Chests
By: Date: 06.07.2020 Categories: Others

At present, chests can be seen not only in the village of my grandmother, in which neatly folded bedding and kitchen towels are stored. They are back in fashion! Due to the variety of colors, shapes and designs, they are becoming popular among residents of urban apartments. As you know, the chest is a wooden…

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Corrugation for Storage
By: Date: 06.07.2020 Categories: Others

Container transportation is not only the most modern type of cargo transportation, but also more economical. They are used both in domestic communication and internationally. A cargo container (container – English “container, vessel”) is a standard container for bulk transportation of goods by various means of transport and is immediately a container, a place for…

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Storage of Things Podolsk
By: Date: 03.07.2020 Categories: Others

The funds of the museum-reserve will replenish more than three thousand archaeological exhibits. Finds made in the southern suburbs over the past 5 years. These are household items, household goods and culture – from the early Steel Age to the late Middle Ages. Some of the latest rarities are found in the lower reaches of…

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Storing Things in Institutions
By: Date: 02.07.2020 Categories: Others

Chapter VI.1. The maintenance of a foreign citizen in a special institution 2. Foreign citizens are held in special institutions in accordance with the principles of legality, humanism, respect for human pluses, personal safety, and public health. 3. Discrimination of persons housed in special institutions, or the provision of benefits and privileges on the grounds…

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