Storage of Personal Items at the Workplace
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Organizing things on the desktopIn the West there is a specialty “professional organizer”. It helps clients clean up rooms and cabinets, in cardboard and electric files, and also create a personalized planning system.

Studies show that on average a person loses an hour a day due to disorganization. With all this, people are terribly annoyed when they cannot find something. But in order to restore order, it takes even less time.

Lisa Zaslav

Ah so Lisa and other experts advise to organize a workplace in order to achieve the greatest productivity.

Rule 1. Arrange everything correctly

The monitor should be at eye level and at a distance of 43–45 cm from you.

Arrange frequently used items, such as a telephone or stationery, on the side of the prevailing hand. This is convenient: no need to reach, dumping everything around.

Rule 2. Use stationery rationally.

Do you really need ten pens, a paper knife and a stapler every day? Keep only stationery that you use daily on your desk. Put the rest in a pencil case and put it on the table, but rather somewhere far away.

Having risen from the table for a pencil or paper clip, you temporarily turn off the brain from the project you are working on. This will allow you to look at it from a new angle when you return.

Amy Trager, professional organizer from Chicago

Another expert, Andrew Mellen, emphasizes that it is better when employees store supplies of office supplies in one place (a common chest of drawers or a bookcase), rather than each in its own drawers.

Rule 3. Use notes stickers without fanaticism.

Pasting a monitor with colored paper, like a bulletin board, is neither useful nor productive.

When there are too many reminders, they are useless.

Emmy traiger

Be moderate – make stickers only with important short-term reminders.

Rule 4. Do not overdo it with personal belongings.

It is important to strike a balance between professional and personal life in the workplace. It’s difficult.

Family photos, holiday souvenirs and other pleasant little things warm your soul and cheer you up during the working day. However, too memorable things, causing a storm of memories, are too distracting.

The gaze glides over objects, and the brain processes information, even if we are not aware of it.

Keep on the desktop no more than three personal items.

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