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Make Wardrobe Case For Yourself
By: Date: 07.07.2021 Categories: Plastic

Even if the suitcase is cute on the outside, its lining is sometimes just as beautiful. Feel free to clean it and paint the inside of the case in any pleasant color – for example, greenish. Then cut two blanks from cardboard (in the shape of the bottom and the inside of the lid) and…

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DIY Storage Baskets
By: Date: 15.10.2020 Categories: Plastic

If it’s hard for you to find a laundry basket that mixes with your bathroom and fits in height and volume, try making it yourself. Such a basket can be used not only for linen, but also for storing clothes, toys, textiles, all huge and small things. Let the laundry become a little nicer! For…

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DIY Storage Organizers
By: Date: 09.07.2020 Categories: Plastic

Owners of compact apartments often think about how to arrange things so that they do not interfere, but are always at hand. Owners of huge dwellings could be more pleased to find a solution to this difficulty. Do-it-yourself organizers will help to free up space. Such small tricks for the house give the long-awaited order…

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Plastic Storage Containers
By: Date: 06.07.2020 Categories: Plastic

What is plastic and plastic, what types are there, what are their dangers and how can they be avoided. Plastic and plastic surround us in daily life everywhere. Starting from one-time dishes and ending with diapers. But did you think what they are made of and how they can affect our body and overall health?…

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Plastic Box Instead of a Storage Drive
By: Date: 03.07.2020 Categories: Plastic

Little things are not critical. Little things decide everything Unknown repairman When restoring data and repairing hard drives, many cases are similar as twins – the only difference is the order number and the full name of the HDD model. I decided to outline the usual data loss situations. Given their repeatability, it will be…

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How to Apply Storage Bottles
By: Date: 01.07.2020 Categories: Plastic

Many people want our planet to become cleaner, they want less trash and waste. Concern for the environment at the moment worries not only scientists and professionals, but also ordinary people. Frequent diseases force people to think about their health and the ecological health of our planet. Therefore, the reuse of plastic bottles is a…

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