DIY Storage Organizers
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Pocket boardsOwners of compact apartments often think about how to arrange things so that they do not interfere, but are always at hand. Owners of huge dwellings could be more pleased to find a solution to this difficulty. Do-it-yourself organizers will help to free up space. Such small tricks for the house give the long-awaited order and comfort.

Everyone had to hear that the house is the face of the hostess. But such words certainly do not please those whose apartment is cluttered with objects that could not find a place in the closet. What to do after all – to put up with this or go to the store for expensive shelves and caskets? Neither one nor the other – just learn how to make organizers for storing things with your own hands.Jars of magnets For such crafts, any materials are suitable: cardboard, polyethylene, plastic, fabric. A couple of minutes of work – and you have where to put every thing, starting from a button and ending with kitchen tools.

We turn a tiny kitchen into a more spacious

There’s nowhere to turn in the kitchen, but you don’t want to refuse the necessary items? Self-made kitchen organizers will become a real highlight of the interior and free up space on surfaces.

Bag bagsJars of magnets

To store spices literally in the air, you need to cook:

a few plastic jars with lids — a magnetic sheet — a pencil — scissors — super glue. Put the jars upside down on the magnetic sheet and circle them. Cut the circles drawn on the magnet. Glue the magnetic circles to the bottom of the jars and wait for the glue to dry. Fill the jars with spices and close the lids and attach them to the refrigerator.

Pocket boards

Kitchen appliances can be placed on the wall along with wooden cutting boards. To implement this idea, you need to take:

stapler thread and needle-fabric-decorative braid. Make rectangular patterns from the fabric that match the size of cutting boards. Embroider the fabric blanks with decorative braid. Attach the patterns to the boards with a stapler.

So, we have obtained original boards with pockets in which hostesses can put spoons, forks and knives.

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