DIY Storage Baskets
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If it’s hard for you to find a laundry basket that mixes with your bathroom and fits in height and volume, try making it yourself. Such a basket can be used not only for linen, but also for storing clothes, toys, textiles, all huge and small things. Let the laundry become a little nicer!

For a basket with a height of 50 5 cm and a diameter of 30 one cm will be useful for you:

iron mesh – 100 10 cm-gray linen or burlap (length) – 100 two cm + 30 four cm for the lid – light linen (length) – 100 two cm + 30 four cm for the lid-cardboard 30 two x thirty two cm-sewing machine-thread and needle-nippers-wire-pliers-scissors-tailor’s needles-simple pencil-construction gloves for protecting hands.

Time spent: one hour twenty minutes.

Step 1

Using nippers, we prepare a piece of metal mesh of the desired size. The net will be the basis of our laundry basket. To protect your hands from sharp elements, it is better to wear tight construction gloves at this stage. The net is stored in a roll and will itself take the correct round shape.

Step 2

Connect the edges of the grid. To do this, form an overlap of 2-3 cells and twist them with wire. At this stage, pliers can come in handy.

Step 3

Proceed to sewing a cover for the outer part of the basket. I used a piece of coarse gray-brown flax measuring sixty-two x one hundred and two cm. Fold it along the front sides inwards and grind it on a typewriter. You can process the edge of the seam and the upper part of the workpiece with a zigzag so that the fabric does not crumble.

From a fabric of the same color, cut a circle with a diameter of thirty-two cm.

Fold the edge of the circle and the blank of fabric with the front sides to each other and grind on a typewriter.

It turns out a cover that can be easily put on a grid. The upper edge must be bent inside the basket.

Step 4

Cut sixty-five x one hundred and two cm from light flax. Repeat all the same steps as with gray flax. We put the finished cover in the laundry basket with the wrong side inside. Because the height of the light cover is greater, there is enough fabric left to wrap it on the outside of the basket. As the edge decor, you can use cotton lace, pompoms or braid.

Step 5

Now proceed to the manufacture of the cover. Its basis can be made of cardboard, thin plastic or a dense substrate under the laminate. Cut a circle with a diameter of thirty-two cm. We prepare two circles of white fabric, equal in diameter to the cardboard blank plus two cm for allowances.

Cut a strip of twenty-five x ten cm from light fabric, from which we sew a handle for the lid. Fold across the front side inwards, grind it on a typewriter, turn it around and iron it.

We bend the workpiece, as shown in the photo, and steam it with an iron.

We attach the handle in to the circle of fabric exactly in the middle and grind it on a typewriter in a zigzag seam.

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