Make Wardrobe Case For Yourself
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Even if the suitcase is cute on the outside, its lining is sometimes just as beautiful. Feel free to clean it and paint the inside of the case in any pleasant color – for example, greenish. Then cut two blanks from cardboard (in the shape of the bottom and the inside of the lid) and glue them with paper (or cotton cloth) in a flower. In the cardboard box for the upper part, make holes for the rubber bands, thread the rubber bands and tie them on the back side, then glue the cardboard onto the inside of the lid and frame with a beautiful braid.

Now the lid of the suitcase will always help to keep scissors, spools, needles and other necessary trifles at hand. And in the main compartment, you can store leftover fabrics, braid, needles, pins and buttons.


do-it-yourself case for crafts, master class number 2 “travel to the country of creativity”:

One Swiss needlewoman loves retro, handmade things and can not imagine her life without All these hobbies were combined in a nice little needlework bag, which she made with her own hands.

The basis for the “magic chest” was an old boring suitcase. Its sides were painted white, and the standard upholstery was replaced with a floral fabric. And a shabby life thing turned into a pretty vintage hand-made.

The suitcase was transformed inside. The dark bottom was covered with fabric in a bright The inside of the lid was decorated with multi-colored pockets made of fabric – not only beautiful, but also functional. They can store large items. For skeins of lace and fabric cuts, small baskets and containers are suitable. And gum and small pockets around the edges will help organize the smallest objects (needles, pins, coils).

do-it-yourself case for crafts, workshop №3 “sweet life”:

Just take a look at this little suitcase! Bright prints on the outside, old pages on the inside. This kind of thing is usually expensive, but you can afford to do it yourself. The base is the same old suitcase. We will decorate it not only inside, but also outside.


To design the exterior of Amy chose a fabric with mouth-watering prints of sweets. If you do not find the exact same, you can choose any other, but always bright and with an interesting pattern.

The interior looks especially luxurious. All thanks to the unusual decor of … pages of the old dictionary, which glued the bottom and walls.

Amy made the lid of the suitcase not only beautiful, but functional, fastening small plastic jars for small things on it. They can be put on superglue or attached using double-sided tape.

diy-crafty-suitcase4 diy-crafty-suitcase1 diy-crafty-suitcase1-before1.jpg

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