Storage Systems on the Balcony
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ObiWe collected the best ideas for decorating balconies and loggias that we could find on the web, and asked Olga Kostyukova, a master consultant for the supermarket chain to give and repair OBI, to comment on how and with what materials you can achieve the same result.


Sleep in the freshest air and enjoy the stars – romance in action. Or a solution for apartments with a lack of space. You can sleep well on the balcony.

The first question is warming. Even in the summer in the fresh air you can freeze at night. This is a repair overhead: it is necessary to install excellent windows, insulate the walls, floor and ceiling. But the brand new area is worth it. The main problem is the inevitable loss of space, because the insulation must be laid inside, and any insulation materials take up space. The output is rolled polymeric materials coated with aluminum foil.Obi They do not need a massive crate for laying (enough wooden slats on top of the insulation), they themselves are thinner than other materials and have good thermal insulation properties. The insulation will already be covered with the finishing material of your choice.


Invite your friends to a cocktail party. To your balcony.

On the loggia or balcony to place several chairs around the table will not work. But if you make a bar from the windowsill and put some chairs, then a party with a view of the city lights is provided to you. For such an interior you will need glossy wall panels, and for atmospheric light – LED strip.


Fans of reading books gradually become so much that they take up more space than the owners of the apartment. The library turns out to be an unjustified luxury, and here the balcony comes to the rescue. With an e-book, I also want to find a cozy place to read. Agree, it’s nice to sit with a cup of fragrant tea and a new story in silence. What is not suitable for a balcony? Only lighting in the evening, and it is precisely before bedtime that in most cases we reach for a book.

You can take out the wiring on the balcony and make a two-level lighting. Place recessed lights on the ceiling that will not distract attention from the overall design of the balcony. Attach a few sconces below to create a concentrated light in the right place. You can assemble the original shelf with your own hands, it is enough to take ready-made furniture details, screws and glue.

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