Storage Boxes in Maxidome
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Reviewed by Olga SumenkoThank you for deciding to give useful things unnecessarily! Giving clothes for nothing is probably one of the most common and enjoyable ways to help. We have been working with clothes since two thousand and ten years in order to transfer clothes to those in need of support and to raise funds for charitable organizations. You can find out about the results of our work here.

The things you bring to us help (information: how to get things):

Where can I give things?

1) Containers “Thank you!”

ADMIRALTEY DISTRICT: – per. Pirogova, 18, place “Palm” – one floor, behind the door near the stairs – 12: 00-20: 00– st. Egorova, 3, Workplace Academy. Egorov, opposite the entrance, 11: 00-22: 00– nab.Review by Tamara Orlova 118 Obvodnogo Kanala, Varshavsky Express shopping center – ground floor, next to elevators and a staircase to one floor – 10: 00-22: 00 Vasileostrovsky DISTRICT: – Bolshoi pr. V.O., 68A, Baltiysky business center, Prisma hypermarket – in the vestibule of the main entrance to Prisma, on the right- 07: 00-23: 00– st. Shevchenko, 20 one building. 1, Higher School of Economics – only for students! VYBORG DISTRICT: – Prosveshcheniya Ave., 60, bldg. 1, GM “Carousel” – opposite the information desk – around the clock– Vyborgskoye sh., 500 three buildings. 2, “Maksidom” – two containers at the entrance – around the clock– Vyborgskoye sh. 15, shopping center “Avenue” – ground floor, next to escalators – 10: 00-22: 00– pr.Feedback from volunteers helping victims of a fire on May 21 Engels, 30 Three Bldg. 1, Svetlanovsky shopping center – two floors, at the end of the right shopping gallery under the escalator – 11: 00-21: 00– 37 Bolshaya Sampsonievsky Ave., Forpost youth house – at the entrance, 10: 00-20: 00– st. Kantemirovskaya, three buildings. 1, Higher School of Economics – one floor (at the gym) – only for students! – st. Ho Chi Minh City, 14A, Maza Park amusement park – at the entrance after the glass doors, on the left – 11: 00-06: 00 (weekdays), 10: 00-06: 00 (weekends and holidays) – 4th Upper Lane ., 19, TK “Parnas” – the right central entrance in the direction of travel from the metro, landmark – sign of the store “Children” – 10: 00-22: 00– Vyborg sh., 500 three buildings. 1, TC Kitay-Gorod – on the street from the parking lot, under the signs of the Bukvoed and H2O stores – around the clockKALININSKY DISTRICT: – metro Akademicheskaya, ul.Your things in the Mikhailovsky Theater Gzhatskaya, 20 two buildings. 2, “Nest” place – at the entrance – around the clock– Polyustrovsky pr., 84A, “Europolis” shopping center – at the main entrance – 10: 00-22: 00– metro Shtatsky prospekt, st. Bryantseva, 7 – only for residents! – Prosveshcheniya Ave., 70 four buildings. 2, GM “Carousel” – at the entrance from the parking lot – around the clock– st. Karbysheva, 9A, GM “Carousel” – opposite the entrance from the street. Polytechnic – round-the-clock – 41A Marshal Blucher Ave, GM “Carousel” – to the left of the main entrance – round the clock

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