Wardrobe Storage Systems in Minsk
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Storage systems for Minsk - Storage systems for

Archival iron cabinets are a good solution to the problem of storing accumulated office and technical documentation, archival documents, electrical storage media and other things. They allow you to comfortably and correctly place information on cardboard media of various formats.

Iron racks will become an irreplaceable element of any office, warehouse, utility room or work room. The racks are made of high-quality steel, have an elegant appearance and can withstand a load of up to two thousand two hundred kg. Strong and comfortable racks will solve any problems with the organization of cargo storage. Card cabinets are needed in any office and at the enterprise for convenient storage of various documentation. Thanks to metal filing cabinets, the search for documents will be optimized, and access to the necessary files will be quick and convenient. Wallets (metal cabinets for bags) are most often used in self-service stores, locker rooms of educational institutions, fitness centers, left-luggage offices at train stations and other facilities for storage of bags, valuables, clothes, etc. Allow to form a storage area of ​​any size thanks to a modular design with any number of sections.

Metal safes will protect contents from breaking, fire, robbery and robbery. There are many models with a combination of different types of locks: electronic, mechanical or turnkey lock. Impeccable quality, durability and reliability – all this allows you to ensure maximum safety of the contents.

Accounting metal cabinets are used in various organizations and institutions for storing any documentation and stationery. They are designed specifically for use in offices, as convenient as possible for placing documents in A4 format folders or standard folders such as folders "Crown".

Metal workbenches are a desktop for manual processing of metal, wood products, as well as items made from other materials, and additional elements and accessories will make use of metal workbenches manufactured by the company "PAX metal" even more convenient.

Key holders (metal key cabinets) are metal cabinets designed to store keys. They are equipped with wall mount holes and an integrated Eurolock lock. They provide quick access to stored keys and allow them to be stored in a convenient manner, since each key has its own storage location with a corresponding tag.

Medical metal furniture was created for storing medicines, medical equipment, documentation in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other medical institutions. In the assortment of the company "PAX metal" single-door, double-wing cabinets, first-aid kit and cabinet for a cleaner.

Metal mailboxes are designed to equip residential apartment buildings. All boxes are made of steel, with further polymer painting of the product. Locks are included in the scope of delivery. The design of the mailbox allows you to easily and quickly repair or replace the doors of each section.

Metal hangers are inconspicuous, but very necessary attributes of every person’s daily life. They can be found in ordinary apartments and modern offices, municipal institutions and educational institutions, restaurants and cinemas. They are an integral part of the room, which is often a lot of people. When visiting any public place or official organization, the question first arises: where to leave the outer clothing? It is precisely this purpose that hangers serve.

Metal floor urns are becoming an integral attribute of a large office building. In most cases, they are installed in common smoking rooms, where employees of companies renting premises in an office building go out. It is rational to install metal floor urns near the building. In this case, smoking employees can go outside without polluting the space around the building.

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