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Add color and warmthThink about the color polish. Before you receive materials for decorating your dorm room, think about color polish. Since the walls of your room are painted in snow-white or another neutral color, pick up things and materials that can make your room a catchy one. Remember that the chosen color palette should emphasize your peculiarity, also contribute to creating a good mood in your room. Monochromatic color palette uses different colors of the 1st color. The secret of a successful monochromatic palette is to select several color options in one gamut. If you want to add accent colors, select one or two colors from another palette. Use the color wheel. Choose colors that are opposite your primary color. In most cases, accent colors are used for bedding and similar items. Choose a bedspread. Yes, a bedspread is a fundamental part of the decor of the room, especially if you are limited in activity. Get a blanket of that color and texture that you won’t like after a few months. You can use several blankets to make the room brighter. In addition, it is very convenient in the cool season. Lay a few decorative pillows on the bed to make comfort. You can also place pillows on chairs. Know in advance how long the bed is in your room. Lay the rug on the floor.Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 2 Using a rug is an ideal way to dilute the gray color of a floor with bright colors. In most hostels, the floor is poor, so a soft rug is a good idea. In addition, it will help you feel at home and protect your feet from the cold in winter. Choose a rug of the necessary size, color and style. Hang curtains. Curtains allow you to decorate the space around the window. In addition, by hanging colored curtains, you can make your room brighter. In order not to make holes in the walls, use a tension rod on which you can hang the curtains. You can also use self-adhesive hooks that will support the cornice. If you have a fairly limited budget, you can use shower curtains. You can also buy fabric and sew the curtains yourself. You can also buy inexpensive simple white curtains and decorate them with ribbons or make patterns on the fabric. In addition, think about the practical side of having curtains in the room. Curtains are able to protect you from the lights of the night city. Blackout curtains help keep you warm. A lightweight tulle allows you to keep your privacy private without interfering with daylight. Use fun stickers.Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 3 Although you cannot paint the walls or wallpaper on them, you can decorate the walls in a different way. For example, you can use stickers. At the end of the school year, you can easily remove the wall stickers in seconds. You can choose stickers with a geometric pattern depicting your favorite animal or sport. Choose the stickers that you like. You can make beautiful wall stickers with your own hands. You will need thick colored paper. Cut multi-colored circles and stick them on the wall with double-sided tape. Your room will become bright and you will be pleased to be in it. Use bright and colorful paper tape. If you like bright geometric patterns and you are ready to devote a little more time to decorating your room, you can create a real masterpiece using bright paper tape. Choose your preferred color and don’t forget to remove the decorations from the walls at the end of the school year. You can make decorations from paper tape not only for walls. Decorate doors, floors and furniture with them. Decorate the room with paintings and photographs. Thanks to this, you will greatly improve the look of your room. There are various ways to decorate your room with these things. Be creative to this question.Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 4 Choose photos that will emphasize your personality. Create a gallery of your photos in the room by attaching them to the wall with adhesive tape. You can arrange photos because you like. You can also pull the fishing line and hang the photos, fastening them with clips. If you have photos that you really like, you can enlarge them to the size of the poster and hang them on the wall. Decorate the walls with your own works of art. Place them on the wall on planks with top clips. This will allow you to easily change the places of work that you exhibit. Purchase works of art in the store. For example, you can buy paintings in a supported goods store. Decorate the room with potted flowers. Thanks to this, you will improve the atmosphere in the room. In addition, indoor plants purify indoor air. You can place decorative pots on the floor or on the desktop. If there is not enough room in the room, you can use hanging flower pots. If you like to craft something with your own hands, attach a plank to the board on which you can hang flower pots. You can decorate a wooden board because you like. Make sure that indoor plants receive enough sunlight. Place them near the window. Remember that indoor plants should be watered regularly so that they do not wither and die. If you do not like to care for indoor plants, you can decorate your room with artificial flowers that you do not have to look after!Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 5 Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 6 Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 7 Image titled Decorate a Dorm Step 8

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