Plastic Drawer Storage Boxes
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Cup and cup drawerIt so happens that your hands do not reach to clean up the kitchen drawers. Everything is piled up there: coffee cups with chips, a jar of cinnamon, a lid of a beloved pan. When something suddenly comes in handy, you’ll have to transfigure all this when searching.

Do not allow chaos, confusion in the kitchen. Review all places of congestion. Organize their storage with the greatest convenience and utility. And we will show you how to do this. Keep the cups ready.

They should be in a drawer with a depth of about 20 cm. It is much easier to take them from there than to get them from a wall cabinet. Better to put upside down to protect their edges from accidental chips. On the side, make room for teaspoons, bags or jars of tea, coffee, sugar.

Cup and cup drawerSo that the inverted dishes do not slip, equip the drawers with rubber inserts, which are sold in hardware stores. To store fragile glasses in the kitchen, this is just a must.

Store the dishes fully

There are many thoughts on how to contain it. As for the pots, the lids should be next to them, but in separate compartments.

Pots and pans are usually standard sizes. It is completely possible that the lids can fit any dishes. Therefore, to store all of them right there – there is no need. Moreover, this is a trivial saving of space.

Drawer for storing kitchen utensilsSpecially equipped place for spotless covers. This, of course, is an excellent method of storing them.

The two-level drawer shelves make it possible to keep pots together with their lids.

In order not to look for its lid every time to the plastic container, build shelves such as in our photo. In order to save space, similar containers of different sizes can be inserted one into the other.

Equip Knives Storage

Cutting kitchen tools cannot be dumped in a heap with other cutlery. You can cut them, choosing the right thing. Equip a place for them in the countertop. They are conveniently removed from there, and they themselves will remain sharp and safe.

Tip: do not keep sharpened objects in full view of children.

Two-level extendable shelves for storing kitchen utensilsDonate twenty cm of the cabinet: make a wooden drawer for knives.

Make side tray

This is another good use of limited space. A narrow drawer holds cutting boards, decorative trays, and other flat kitchen accessories.

Such an additional board is needed so that onions, garlic and apples are not cut on one surface. It is quite stable and is at a comfortable height. Furniture fittings, which can be bought in a specialized furniture store, allow you to equip all this yourself, without involving a specialist.

Extendable shelves for storing plastic containers Extendable shelf for storing knives Retractable wooden block for storing knives Narrow drawer for storing chopping boards and trays

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