How to Stitch a Hanging Storage Organizer
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Get rid of the trash to expand the room

Get rid of the trash

Take a look around. What surrounds you? Is the room littered with clothes, old magazines, holiday souvenirs, toys, some boxes, wires and other unnecessary things? Get rid of it!

A cluttered place crushes and creates discomfort.

Spend a general cleaning in the house, eliminate all excess. Place your order in cabinets, on the balcony and mezzanines. An old technique can be implemented, and clothes that you no longer wear can be given to those in need.

To find the fate of things, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you understand what kind of thing is in front of you? Does it work? Do you need it? When was the last time you picked it up? How often do you use it? Can it be changed if necessary?

Change the color scheme of the interiorIf the answers to the first two questions are negative, throw them out right away without hesitation. If the item is suitable, find her a place. Occasionally, used items are best sold or gifted. What is the use of guitar if you have not learned how to play?

So that chaos does not return, use special organizers for storage. Take a look at these drawers for underwear and hanging racks for shoes and clothes. They can be bought on the domestic market or in the online store.

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Organizers can be done independently. For example, paper trays are great for storing towels, and from the hoop and old pillowcase you can sew a bag for all sorts of little things and hang it on the door of the pantry.

Change the color scheme of the interior

The golden rule of interior design of a small room: the brighter the room, the more it seems.

Black, brown, burgundy and other dark shades eat up to 40% of the space. If you want to visually expand the room, paint the walls in light cool colors: light green, sky blue and others. Wallpaper should be chosen in the same gamut with a small (but not very small) ornament.

The floors and ceilings should also be bright. If you do not want a plain gray or light brown flooring, then at least avoid large mottled patterns.

Lay out the parquet and laminate on a side or with a Christmas tree – this will visually expand the space and hide the wrong geometry of the walls.

The ceiling should be one or two tones lighter than the walls. A good solution is a snow-white glossy ceiling. It is not recommended to separate the walls and ceiling with a panel. It is better if one plane goes into another without any obstacles.

Add light

Sunlight helps us to produce vitamin D, improves blood circulation to the skin, helps normalize metabolism and, according to a study by Richard Weller, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

The more light, the more spacious and airy space is perceived. And the better the people living in it feel. In a house filled with the sun, there is no place for drowsiness, apathy, or a bad mood.

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