Do-It-Yourself Cardboard Boxes
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10 simple ideas on how to turn an ordinary cardboard box into a useful thing for your home | Fair Masters - handmade, handmadeNow we will talk about how you can make nice and useful things out of nothing.

There are empty boxes in every home. Freed from valuable contents, we usually send them to the trash or directly to the shelf to other unnecessary things. But do not rush. They all can simply transform into useful and pleasant little things.

Now I will show 10 thoughts that will inspire you to be creative! All ideas can be done without much difficulty in the home.

1. Folder for storing magazines

Using multi-colored gluing of tape (scotch tape) and a box, you get a good folder for magazines and newspapers. Any box can be used, a cereal box is perfect. It can be connected with each other and two boxes, then the organizer will be even stronger and more capacious.

do it yourself2. Capacity for bath accessories

If you wrap a box around a jute rope, it will look like a prestigious vintage accessory, which perfectly fits washcloths or towels. Such an accessory can be placed in the bathroom or bath. It looks unusual and beautiful.

3. Casket for threads

A real find for any needlewoman. Using a box and nails you can make an excellent box for strings. It’s enough to take any box with an opening top, and stick a clove from the bottom. From above you can decorate the box as you wish, stickers, braid or drawings will make it more comfortable.

4. Shelf for shoes

the ideasAn excellent shoe rack comes out of a few boxes. It is enough to bend the boxes with triangles and fasten together. A very budget option for storing shoes can be placed in the hallway or in the country. Shoes will always be in place, not lying on the floor. In addition, it looks unusual and stylish.

5. Keg

In this container you can store everything, for example, tea bags. The original barrel can be made out of the box and painted with a felt-tip pen. Very unusual. You can store little things, or you can simply place them as an accessory in the kitchen.

6. Dollhouse

Probably many girls dreamed of a dollhouse? A child’s dream can be realized without extra costs, you need only a little imagination and patience. I made such a house, based on the box, on the walls you can glue real wallpaper, decorate the floor with a cozy rug. The rest of the little things can be made from the means at hand, all in an adult way! We make windows, a balcony. The fantasy is endless, in such a house you are your own designer and builder :)

7. Stand for jewelry

The box can be the most convenient device for the careful storage of earrings. A few simple movements, and you have it in your hands. It is enough to decorate the inner walls of the box, and you can stick decorations.

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