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Original Storage Systems for the Apartment
By: Date: 12.02.2021 Categories: Storage

The order in the house is something that any man is dreaming of, and what a lady is working on once a day. Of course, this rule has its exceptions, but, nevertheless, it applies to most families. In addition, there is still one element in this system – children who are daily able to destroy…

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Storage Boxes with Lid Buy
By: Date: 05.02.2021 Categories: Storage

A cover-bottom box is, first, a container for packaging, storage, transportation of products of various types. The company Kontur-PAK is able to make such a container strong and pretty. We make these products to order. The client has the opportunity to choose from several design options. We have presented a universal box cover-bottom, which you…

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Storage of Things under the Bed
By: Date: 25.01.2021 Categories: Storage

Even in the smallest bedroom you can find reserves of space for storing things. For example, under the bed. The only model for which this solution does not fit is the “Japanese” version with low legs and a mattress on the frame. In all other cases, this method of additional storage can free you from…

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Do-it-yourself Storage Boxes
By: Date: 22.01.2021 Categories: Storage

Even if you are a minimalist, then you will still find a rather huge number of different things that need to be stored somewhere and somehow. This can be done with a creative approach, with the help of which you can not only once and forever restore order in the house. Some methods of organizing…

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Storage Container with Lid Transparent
By: Date: 13.01.2021 Categories: Storage

Cost: three thousand four hundred and twenty-nine rubles Prices for container containers, which can be purchased in Kiev, also with delivery throughout Ukraine. Samla container, transparent width 50 6 cm depth 30 nine cm height 20 eight cm? Pdtxtnewnlp? Samla. Phila sportswear official website. Boxes, containers and baskets are not only storage capacities. This is…

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Storage of Things in the Apartment
By: Date: 13.01.2021 Categories: Storage

General cleaning did not help, things are becoming more and more and they have already captured all horizontal surfaces? Use space reserves 3. Hang the 2nd row of modules in the kitchen. Above standard wall cabinets in the kitchen there is usually enough space left to fit another row of modules. This is suitable furniture…

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How to Organize Storage of Things
By: Date: 06.01.2021 Categories: Storage

Every season, you must change at least half of the wardrobe, as things have lost their shape? Check if the space in your closet is properly co-operated. And 5 tips from will help for you. Choose the right hangers We occasionally think about whether it is “comfortable” for our beloved silk shirt on wide woody…

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Buy Box for Storage of Things in Bryansk
By: Date: 28.12.2020 Categories: Storage

Often I envy rejoice for the inhabitants of warm states – they do not need to store tons of clothes and shoes at home for four seasons, and also for the off-season. Boots, sandals, shoes, sneakers, ballet shoes, sneakers, shoes, slates … multiplied by four people in the family will be transformed into horror. As…

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How to Organize a Storage System in a Closet
By: Date: 16.12.2020 Categories: Storage

All the classical methods to sort clothes and big things are already exhausted, but is order still not enough? Use non-trivial obstacle solution options. 4.Fold into bags. Huge bags-covers – perfect containers for occasionally used things. They look completely worthy, and you can dispose of them as you like: take them to the cottage, put…

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