Storing Things in the Bank
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storage agreement at the bank part 1– one of the services, which involves the transfer by the client (depositor) to the bank (custodian) of certain values ​​for temporary savings. Storage items can be precious metals or stones, securities of Russia and issuers of other states, currency and other things of value to the depositor. The essence of storing valuables in a bank

The regulation of relations between the two parties takes place on the basis of a value storage contract. He remains on the basis of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Namely, he was given attention in two main articles – No. 921 and No. 922.

The essence of the storage agreement is as follows. The bank, acting as the custodian, undertakes to pay for the obligations (in other words, for a fee) to safeguard the values ​​transferred to it by the depositor (client). At the end of the contract, he undertakes to return the things transferred for storage in integrity.

bank cellA value storage agreement in a financial and credit structure is one of the subspecies of a storage agreement. It can be characterized as consensual or real, but in both cases it is attributed to the type of contract onerous.

The fact of storing valuables in the bank is always fixed by the agreement, which considers all the conditions for interaction between the parties, as well as possible restrictions on the part of the bank (custodian). For example, in a cell it is forbidden to keep weapons, substances of toxic, narcotic, chemical or toxic action.

Types of storage of valuables in a bank

Civil Code of the Russian Federation1. An agreement providing for the storage of valuables of a client in a personal bank safe. It can be of two subspecies:

– agreement implying storage of valuables using a personal bank cell – an agreement involving storage of valuables with the right to use a personal bank cell.

2. An agreement providing for the storage of precious metals in a bank.

Other types of agreements that do not apply to the storage agreements mentioned above are subject to the general legal regime. With all this, regulation is carried out on the basis of a law providing for rules for storing valuables in a bank.

Parties to a contract for storing valuables in a bank

Two parties participate in the value storage agreement:

– Bank (custodian) – a legal entity that has the right to provide such services. The motive for transferring a personal cell for use without responsibility for its contents may be the fact that the bank has already incurred and continues to incur certain losses associated with the provision of a security system, the purchase of special equipment, the arrangement of premises for safes, etc. As a result, the provision of an additional service in the form of a personal cell is not associated with additional losses, but is able to bring additional profit –

precious metals in a bank cell bank bankruptcy

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