Do-it-yourself Storage Areas
By: Date: 24.05.2021 Categories: Storage

An active lifestyle in a modern large city is gaining more popularity, because the residents’ needs to increase the storage space for sports equipment, equipment and related accessories are becoming apparent. In this material, we have selected successful storage options for various sports equipment, from which you can learn a lot of useful and convenient things.

There is no ability to store a huge amount of sports equipment on the balcony, much less the balcony has long become a harmonious part of the house, over which designers and architects work with particular trepidation.

We want to invite you to turn your attention to another room that is undeservedly left without attention: a garage. Modern technologies developed specifically for garage rooms allow you to turn it into a cozy, stylish and multi-functional space, which will be a worthy extension of the territory of the house. A professionally equipped garage turns into a space where everything is logically arranged and each item has its own place, so not only tires and grandmother’s sewing machine, but also a new bicycle are neatly stored in the garage.

According to our experience, I can immediately note that the garage requires special attention, if there is a desire to make it truly safe, clean and multifunctional. This is a complex space that is often used for both technical and non-technical applications.

In order for the garage to be convenient and safe to use as a technical room, it is necessary, at a minimum, to provide for:

Durable concrete floor with the correct finish, covered with a seamless elastic polymer coating that smoothly transitions to the walls in order to just keep it clean. Capital ceiling for the possibility of concealed installation of communications High-quality supply and exhaust ventilation so that the air is always fresh and clean walls with non-combustible materials that are resistant to aggressive environments Uniform heating of the room, which is better provided by heaters using radiation heat For maximum comfort, materials for finishing walls, floors and ceilings, furniture and other accessories should not only be functional, but also safe, simple and easy to operate – comments the garage expert.

What finish to choose?

Finishing with granite or ceramic tiles is a fashionable trend. It should be noted that the design solutions of manufacturers allow to realize the most daring plans of customers. However, in the garage space the use of porcelain stoneware or tiles, unfortunately, is not practical due to the presence of seams. In addition to everything, porcelain stoneware finishing requires a lot of labor during installation, and subsequent installation of attachments is complicated due to the strength of the material.

Finishing with stucco and subsequent painting is not recommended in the garage due to the presence of wet processes, such as washing a car, etc.

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