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Ideas for storage in the countryThe organization of shelves, racks and other storage places in almost every country house is a priority. Having realized all the traditional options – a kitchen, part of the wall in the living room and a wardrobe in the bedroom, we sometimes think that we have reached the limit. But believe me, if you look at the most ordinary places slightly from the other side, you will see how many, many square meters simply elude you. Some very practical photos will help to awaken your imagination.

The kitchen is perhaps the most important place in the country! Sometimes even one extra shelf can make life easier and help organize all the work.Ideas for storage in the country Whether you roll up cans or just make breakfast for yourself, the cottage kitchen should be convenient for you and for all members of your family anyway.

Think about roof rails, additional shelves for spices, new towel hooks and the use of space right near the ceiling – maybe there is a place for rarely used things there too?

In most cases, a country toilet is a space of one to two square meters and is the most ill-conceived in terms of storage. Having looked at this photo, you can take yourself some ideas on the organization of this room. It’s nice that such a design of wooden shelving can be done with your own hands!

Ideas for storage in the country

Racks in the aisles, in corridors, halls, and sometimes on the veranda are an ambiguous moment. On the one hand, they clearly increase the number of storage places, on the other hand, not many people like their appearance. To remove this minus, you need to think about exactly what you store things in.

Of course, things that are too colorful, inappropriate to each other in terms of style, shape and color, will be perceived as a mess. There are two ways out – to buy special containers, the same jars or to make the shelves closed – like a sliding wardrobe, so that the open doors do not eat up a scarce place.

Ideas for storage in the country

Gather all the kitchen utensils in one place – this will help not to be torn between a dozen shelves and storage places during cooking.

Another idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing a bathroom in the country is now with a shower. Always use only light colors in the interiors of small rooms and better without a picture – so they will visually seem much more spacious than they are in fact.

An idea for a kitchen in which there is simply a catastrophic lack of space. There is only one working space and many additional shelves, the depth of which does not exceed ten cm.

Ideas for storage in the country Interior of a small bathroom (tiny) Ideas for storage in the country Ideas for storage in the country

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