Storage of Things in the Kitchen
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Effective ideas for storing things in the kitchenUse convenient ideas for storing things in the kitchen, and twice as many things will fit in your lockers! It is necessary to use the entire kitchen wall, individual modules, media centers and first-aid kits. Organize your kitchen space very well with these tips!

To increase the capacity of the slate, purchase plywood in the store and make additional shelves. Scroll through the driers in the head, spinning trays for seasonings and sauces, vertical internal storage for baking sheets. On the shelves you can place iron coasters with several levels.Kitchen Storage Ideas: Cupboard with Swivel Tray Also see if it is possible to store something on the doors with the help of additional fasteners.

Fold what you rarely use to the top. There is a lot of space, which you probably do not fully use.

Nothing spoils the functionality of the kitchen, as poor lighting.Kitchen Storage Ideas: Wicker Baskets Install lights under the wall cabinets, which will make the kitchen brighter, and finding the right one is easier. In addition, this is a great solution for organizing a workplace in the kitchen.

Use exterior surfaces, including the side walls of cabinets. Keep kitchenware in an open and easily accessible place.

The same can be done for hanging cabinets, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Buy, or make yourself, hooks, clips, coasters that will look cute both on the outside and on the inside of the door.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Hooks6

Open shelves on the outside of the kitchen cabinet will add storage space and become an interesting architectural detail of your interior. The kitchen will look more original and original.

Useful devices such as magnetic strips will last forever and save space.

Make square sections instead of a solid open shelf. You will finally get rid of the biggest drawback of open shelves – clutter and stacks of mixed dishes of different sizes.

Finally, take the time to reorganize. Evaluate with a fresh look how correctly and functionally you placed things, whether it is possible to use the space more rationally.

Ideas for storing things in the kitchen: using hanging cabinet doors Kitchen Storage Ideas: Open Shelves Ideas for storing things in the kitchen: containers for storing spices and seasonings Ideas for storing things in the kitchen: shelf with sections

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