How to Make a Beautiful Storage Box
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how to store little thingsA shoe box has several advantages: they are locked, most of them fit the dimensions of drawers and shelves in cabinets and they are made of strong cardboard, which absorbs excess water perfectly, and some are even equipped with special holes through which air passes, because things don’t "gasping for breath" for long storage. So feel free to use them to store a variety of things, ranging from textiles to the kitchen and ending with documents, jewelry and underwear. And if you are not confused by the not very beautiful appearance of the box, it’s easy to fix it by pasting it with paper, a light cloth or even wrapping it with a jute rope. Design options are also a huge huge amount.

Cosmetics box

Sections can be made by cutting the cover with a breadboard knife or scissors.

Storage box for varnish collection

To immediately see the color of the varnish in the box, draw a dot on the lid.

Jewelry box

The holes for the earrings can be made with silk or a thick needle, and the bottom of the box can be covered with nice wrapping paper.

how to clean up the tableStationery Box

If you leave all the pencils and felt-tip pens in the box, it will be a mess, if you are a supporter of order, insert a few toilet paper bushes into the box, they will be excellent separators for pencils, pens and pencils.

Wire box

In the same way, you can separate the wires from mobile devices and electrical appliances. To keep the bushings in place, fasten them with masking tape to each other.

Seasonal Box

Gloves, scarves, mittens, caps, baseball caps, socks, swimwear … The list can be continued indefinitely.

how to untangle the wiresRecharge box

If together with a pair of new shoes you got a box with a hole – never throw it away. Extension cords can be hidden in it and the wires that always collect dust can be hidden. Was the box without holes? It does not matter, they can be cut independently and fixed with grommets.

Photo box

Surely already used in the household. If not, it’s time to use.

Document box

If you put a decorative object on a box or put a couple of books, and stick a sticker on the side where its contents will be indicated, no one will guess that this is not a special container or storage basket, but an ordinary shoe box.

Box instead of frame

And the boxes, or rather the covers from them, can be glued to the walls using double-sided tape, making excellent photo frames that can be changed at least every month. And even holes in the wall do not need to be to organize space life hack wire order how to store things storage of varnishes

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