Make a Box for Storing Things with Your Hands
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DIY toy boxAll ancestors know how difficult it is to achieve impeccable order in the house, when the kids are still completely small. Especially in the nursery, where toys are scattered across the floor, and on the table, and on the beds, and under the bed, and in other sudden places. But this problem can simply be solved, armed with a creative spirit and the necessary improvised materials that can be found in any home.

Our task at the moment is to make or sew with our own hands an exciting, capacious and non-hazardous container for storing children’s toys. Types of it can be different: box, organizer, bag, box, etc.

In any case, whether it be a container for storing huge toys or a bag for children’s little things, the resulting thing should be a joyful and unusual element of the interior.

DIY Toy Box

To make a special DIY toy box is useful for you:

Chipboard panels (side walls and bottom) -Self-tapping screws-Screwdriver -Measuring tools (tape measure or long ruler) -Small supports (legs) or furniture wheels -Materials for external decoration (fabrics, decorative film, paints) -S scissors.

Such a box is suitable for storing large toys. But in order to make it you need at least a small skill of a carpenter.

do-it-yourself toy basketTherefore, it is better to entrust this matter to a man who will connect all the details of the box to each other and attach special supports or wheels to it (so that the box can be easily moved around the room).

And the mother can already take up the external design of the toy storage container by pasting it with decorative film or by drawing some funny picture on it. Inside, the box for softness can be sheathed using a furniture stapler, using dense natural fabrics and a filler (foam rubber, synthetic winterizer).

We can offer a more simple and effective version of the box:

DIY storage box for toys

Necessary materials

Large sturdy box-Beautiful self-adhesive film-Bag with a picture from a children’s gift-Scotch tape-Scissors or a stationery knife-Glue.

DIY toy bagThis box in its appearance and purpose is similar to a box for storing toys, but in contrast to it is simpler to execute.

Another advantage of such a box is that the child himself can turn it over and take everything that he needs.

First carefully cut the lid of the box, glue the slices with tape. Tape the box with foil from the outside and inside, including the bottom. Take a gift bag and cut out interesting colorful details (animals, flowers, etc.).

Glue them with tape or glue on the sides of the box. You can also come up with other options for decorating such a container. For example, if you have a girl, make flowers from fabric, bows, etc.

DIY toy box eleven

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