How to Decorate a Storage Box
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Study of probable thoughtsThe introduction of tissue. Using a cloth, sprayed glue, scissors, a ruler and a pencil, you can make the box fit anywhere. If you have fabric scraps from other needlework projects, or even your sweetheart, but already worn-out T-shirt (or you can afford to buy something from dressed up fabric in the needlework products store), then you are actually provided with everything you need. box sizes. Mark the location of the bottom of the box, spray glue on the bottom of the box and stick to the fabric. Trim the fabric along the longest sides of the box (according to their height). Spray glue on these sides and stick fabric to them, then cut the fabric to get lapels that cover the short sides. Glue the remaining sides. Everything is ready, unless you have a lid! You can repeat the entire function for the lid, so that it matches the box, or you can drop it as it is to enhance the contrast. If you want to be creative (on the outside of the box), you can use buttons to make the box more attractive and textured. Buttons of different sizes and close colors of the 1st color will create a decorated and uniform look, but the use of buttons of various shapes and different colors is also appropriate. All you need is a grandmother’s supply of buttons and a gun with hot glue! Be careful with the glue gun, use a moderate amount of glue, you don’t want the box to be covered in places with transparent drops of glue sticking out between the buttons. If you don’t like the base color your box, hide it! Use cloth, paper, or just paint the box with paints or markers. Make roses out of paper.Image titled Decorate a Box Step 2 If you feel a great creative charge (or romantically tuned), then know that paper roses are even easier to make than it sounds. You can use only paper, but when using some improvised materials, roses will really bloom. You will need paper, scissors and glue. Take a sheet of paper and draw a spiral. If you want to get large roses, the spiral lines should be far away from each other (it is nice to use different sizes). Cut the spiral along the line. Glue the edges of the spiral with a slight overlap. You will get a shape resembling a rose with petals! Use of sparkles and other shiny things. With the use of rubber glue, your box will become simply dazzling. You can create an intricate design and use different colors. If you have time to let the boxes dry for several hours, then with this method you will create a really attractive item. Let’s say you are going to make strips of three colors. You just need to cover with glue the area that is required to have the first color, then apply sparkles on it and let it dry.Image titled Decorate a Box Step 3 Next, glue the second area, glue the sparkles, allow to dry and go to the third! Try to work out the design in detail. Using decoupage technique. If you have a lot of paper of any type, there is PVA glue, then you can resort to decoupage. Imagine a box covered with pages from your favorite book, beautiful images, notes, or even creped or wrapped paper. It can become a focal element of your entire room! Having taken PVA and water in a ratio of 1: 1, apply the composition to the box and attach paper on top. Repeat the procedure until the desired appearance is achieved. If desired, coat the box with varnish. Voila! The use of markers, ribbons and stickers. You probably already thought about it, right? So what do you have in store for needlework? In a matter of minutes, you can wrap the box with tape, apply a masterpiece to it, or stick stickers to make it unique. As for markers, you will most likely need to take permanent markers. Conventional markers can be washed off and erased over time. Use of lace.Image titled Decorate a Box Step 5 To create a more elegant-looking box, select lace textiles (perhaps even complete with a string of pearls if you want to make something more fancy). You can use any type of glue that does not leave behind colored traces. Try overlaying the lace elements on top of each other to give the box a complex texture. Try to cut the lace into strips in advance. Even if the whole box is covered with lace, the top design can stand out, giving the box a special chic. Use of self-adhesive paper. If you have a firm hand, self-adhesive paper will be the easiest way to embellish even the most boring boxes. She has an adhesive layer, so you don’t have to work with glue at all! Go to the hardware store and see what can be found on its shelves. You will need to be careful when applying paper and try to avoid air bubbles. This method is similar to the method of applying tissue: Center the box on the paper. Make cuts from the long sides of the box. Glue the paper, folding the excess inward. Glue the rest of the sides by repeating the procedure. Apply paint. Let your artistic talent show itself! Acrylic paints are ideal for most standard boxes. The box presents you with a flat surface for drawing and does not require you to draw a masterpiece like Mona Lisa, so do not be afraid. Even abstract strokes of bright colors without a specially thought-out design will do their job and look beautiful. Only paint on one side at a time. You don’t want to end up ruining the result of several hours of work!Image titled Decorate a Box Step 6 Image titled Decorate a Box Step 7 Image titled Decorate a Box Step 8 Image titled Decorate a Box Step 10

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