Warehouses for Storage of Things in St. Petersburg
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* With a cargo density of up to two hundred 20 kg / m3, the price is determined based on one m3 = two hundred 20 kg. In the case of cargo delivery to the city of Vladikavkaz, the price is determined at the rate of 1m3 = 250kg.


Ltd "Interlog neva" provides for all types of goods, regardless of their size and shape, free soft packaging, such as paper, cellophane, stretch film, as well as paid rigid packaging at the rate of 750 rubles / m3. When the estimated price of the service for the manufacture of rigid packaging is less than 500 rubles, an amount of 500 rubles is set for payment.


* Tariffs are indicated in rubles, including VAT, for 1 kg of cargo and include: loading and unloading at the company’s warehouse, additional packaging (wrapping paper), marking, storage at the warehouse for up to 5 days.

* Storage price above 5 working days – two hundred rubles per 1m3.

* Fragile goods (showcases, auto glass, etc.) will not be accepted for transportation without appropriate packaging.

* Targeted delivery to the destination is done only to the place of unloading and after full prepayment of the order by the Client.

* Delivery time does not include the day of receipt of the goods, weekends and special days.

* Unsafe goods will not be accepted for carriage.

* The tariff for cargo requiring special transportation criteria is set by agreement.

* Payment form cash or non-cash. Payment for services is done upon departure or upon receipt of the goods.

* Oversized cargo: if the sum of the measurements in height, width and length of one piece of cargo is equal to or exceeds 4, 5, 6, nine and twelve meters – the tariff for long-distance transportation increases by 15%, 30%, 50%, 75% and 100% respectively.

* If the weight of one place is equal to or exceeds 1000 kg, the tariff increases by 15%, more than 1, five tons by 30%, more than two tons – by 50%

* Dispatch of a package with dimensions exceeding 240 * 160 * 180cm or weighing more than 1000kg is made by agreement.

* When calculating oversized cargo, one value of the increasing percentage is applied either by the sum of measurements or by weight!

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