Vacuum Storage Bags How to Use
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Storage of seasonal items in bagsStorage is a problem for the inhabitants of small apartments. Jackets, blankets, down jackets, hats, scarves and other seasonal items take up a lot of space, taking up excess space in the closet. It’s time to find out all about the vacuum bags.

Storage of seasonal items usually requires a lot of space

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It turns out that you can simply increase free space, and vacuum bags for storing things will help. By the way, such packages can be used not only for storage, but also for transporting things. Vacuum packaging bags protect contents from UV radiation, dust, odors and moths.

How to use vacuum bags?

Before using vacuum bags for things, read the instructions. Prepare things, they must be dry and clean. It is necessary to fold clothes so that buttons, locks were inside and were well covered with other things. This is to ensure that accessories do not damage the bag when removing air. Choose the right size vacuum bag. Pack your things carefully, leaving 8-10 centimeters of free space from the zipper. Tightly pack the items in the bag and put together the zipper at the top of the bag.Storage of seasonal items in bags Next, open the valve cover on the bag, firmly attach the hose from the pump or vacuum cleaner to the hole and pump out air. Please note that when using a powerful vacuum cleaner or an electric pump, it is not recommended to pump out air for more than thirty seconds, as deformation of the surface of the package is possible. Tighten valve cover firmly. Then you can put the packaged package where it will be stored.

Vacuum bags will free up space in the closet and protect things from dust

Do not forget that things should be aired after vacuum bags; it is recommended to do this every six months of storage. Empty bags can be stored, rolled up, so they retain the property of tightness, or in an upright position.

However, you need to know that not all things can be vacuum packed. Products made of fur and leather are best stored without vacuum, otherwise they lose their appearance. And down products can be reduced in volume by less than 50%, this will help to avoid feather deformation and fluff densification.

Questions and answers about vacuum bags

How many times can you use the same vacuum bag?

Vacuum bags are not disposable; they can be used many times. The number of times that they can be used directly depends on the quality of the material and the respect during use.

Do things deteriorate during storage in a vacuum?

Not. Things don’t go bad. In addition, vacuum bags protect them from unpleasant odors, dirt, dust and insects.

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