Transparent Storage Boxes
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transparent storage boxesTransparent storage boxes are functional containers designed for the small-sized arrangement of countless pairs of shoes and various things. The lack of space in the compact rooms of the house, the desire to organize a place in accordance with the canons of miniaturism, the ability to organize various household items in the locker room or voluminous closet well – a huge number of tasks can be solved simultaneously if you use capacious transparent boxes to store things.

Transparent Container Implementation Methods

Plastic storage boxes are a great alternative to their cardboard counterparts, where off-season shoes, a variety of rarely used things, items and needlework tools are traditionally stored. Transparent walls of airtight containers allow you to quickly find a bag, shoes or umbrella, which is stored in one of many boxes.

Convenient containers in operation will help get rid of chaos in the house, teach children to order and find a place to place different objects in each room:

The kitchen will become much more spacious and brighter if you place a single-level kitchen set in the room without the use of wall cabinets. The lack of space for placing dishes, towels, small household appliances and numerous kitchen utensils can be compensated by the operation of transparent storage boxes. Durable, form-resistant plastic withstands loads of up to twenty kg. Therefore, from 8-10 pieces of transparent boxes you can make a narrow and tall rack, which will fit boxes with a mixer, a food processor or a blender, and many jars of spices, and containers with cereals.

Transparent storage boxes are worth buying for many reasons: plastic containers can be placed anywhere in the kitchen – on the windowsill, countertop, cabinet or sideboard. Such containers are equipped with ventilation openings, therefore ideal conditions for storing food products are created in containers.

In the hallway there will be much more free space if you put the plastic shoe boxes on the principle of one on top of the other. The convenience of using transparent containers with extendable and removable sides is the ease of removing shoes or any other items from the box located in the middle of a stack of plastic containers.

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