Temporary Storage of Things in St. Petersburg
By: Date: 03.07.2020 Categories: Storage

Responsible storage of personal items of individuals in stock at

Temporary storage of things and furniture during repair at the warehouse is a solution for those who do not have the ability to transfer everything to their neighbors or to the cottage, as well as for those who do not want to leave it at home while the hired team is working there. The risk of damage or damage is very high, and no one will protect against theft.

The removal of furniture is a good case at the same time to decide how it is needed for you and it is not worth throwing part away. All the rest should be wiped off from dust and cleaned, so that later to put unstained things on clean floors in a clean apartment. At the same time, unfortunately, dirt provides not only dust, but also pests, so you should check all sofas, beds, bedside tables and cabinets for the presence of nests of bugs, cockroaches, mice. If it is possible to disassemble something, it is better to disassemble, the main thing is that later it was possible to assemble it back.

Everything that is possible is worth packing in boxes, and be sure to sign these boxes. Then it will be easier to understand what is inside and how to arrange it so as not to put dumbbells on the dishes.

Mirrors, shades and other breakable items should be folded separately, each packed in a separate corrugated packaging and wrapped with something soft (special film, fabric, insulation). In any case, glass shelves and doors should be removed and put into a box, otherwise they can fly out of the cabinets during transportation.

In order to simplify the process of storing things during the repair, we can offer to bring the selected container directly to your home, help to neatly put everything and take it to the warehouse. At the conclusion of the contract, you receive an individual key card for your container and at any time you can pick up some of the things. All boxes are under video surveillance and set to alarm, so that unauthorized entry and theft are excluded.

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