Storing Things in the Closet
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Cabinet fillingArdent greetings to all readers of the blog “Your Designer”! Now I propose to quickly escape from the beautiful interiors and talk about the essentials! Kavardak can damage the atmosphere even in the most elegant interior, therefore, in addition to outdoor decoration, you should also move your brains about the multifunctional component. In this article, we will talk about filling out the closet and the storage company.

Of course, you can leave the cabinet in its original form: simple shelves + a bar for clothes, but for any cabinet there are a huge number of modules and combinations that will make your life easier, and putting things in order in the cabinet is more pleasant. Of course, properly planned filling of the cabinet will require some financial investments from you, however, saving hours spent in confusion in front of the open cabinet doors in trying to unearth a particular thing is priceless!

Each cabinet can be visually divided into three parts: mezzanine, main part and lower part.

– At the top are rarely used and seasonal items, bags and suitcases, boxes with shoes.

Filling the shafa, organizing storage– In the main compartment, at the eye level, there are rods with shoulders, as well as shelves with casual clothes and frequently used accessories.

– At the lower level, shoes are usually stored – in galoshes, boxes or on shelves.

Functional filling of the cabinet may include:

– Rods and pantographs. The bar can be for short clothes (blouses, jackets, skirts) and for long (coats, raincoats, dresses). If the width of the cabinet allows, be sure to place two separate bars for these needs, so that you can usefully use the free space under blouses and skirts – to place shelves and drawers with things. For tall cabinets, you can use the pantograph – a modified bar with a special mechanism for lowering to a level convenient for you.

Cabinet filling Filling the shafa, organizing storage Storage in the closet Filling the wardrobe

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