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To hide out of sight all major household utensils and occasionally used things is only half the battle: it is important to ensure accuracy and good access. We learn to master the storage room well.

We select materials

By place and destination. The racks in the pantry for the house can be made of PVC, MDF, for especially heavy items – solid wood or metal. The location of the pantry matters: for example, iron racks for a cellar or pantry in a utility building on a suburban site are not suitable because of the likely high humidity, except from an expensive stainless steel.

A universal option is to purchase plastic storage racks. For example, Toomax products at high cost are highly durable, able to withstand significant loads (up to 30 kg per shelf), are not subject to corrosion and are resistant to mechanical damage (scratches, impacts). Paint from them does not exfoliate since they painted not the surface, but all the material from which they are made.

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Modular storage systems made of PVC are indispensable for the pantry. They are distinguished by a variety of sections and additions, the ability to bypass and fill corners, and most importantly – a large “carrying capacity”.

We take care of ergonomics

The main thing is convenience. Properly selected racks for the pantry should be convenient to use, so too deep shelves are not suitable – the optimal size is 30-35 cm. Lay out frequently used things at arm’s length. Under the suitcases with “family heirlooms” and seasonal sporting equipment, leave the upper sections, building the system even to the ceiling. For clothes, place the rods with hangers not along, but across the shelves. Instead of drawers, use plastic or metal mesh containers, boxes. It is better to put a vacuum cleaner, heavy volume boxes not on shelves, but on the floor.

On the picture:

Open and closed sections, hanging containers, rods with hangers, resistance to water and high humidity – all these are the arguments in favor of using modular plastic storage systems in such a utility room as a laundry room.

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