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Repair in the pantry avtoremont-ford-spb.ruDo you think where to put unnecessary things, where to store old furniture, what to do with unused office equipment or where to bring all household items for repair? There is a solution. These are personal boxes for storing things “Warehousing” – our reliable partner. For reference: The service for storage in personal boxes appeared in Russia only in two thousand seven years. By true time, it has become one of the fastest growing and needed. The key to success is accessibility, the possibility of temporary and long-term storage, area management, which is profitable and comfortable not only for large companies, but also for small businessmen and individuals. There is nothing more in the house and office!

Expand the space

Where do you store unnecessary things? In the pantry, on the balcony, in the basement? Free this space for life! Store unnecessary and seasonal items in special warehouses. Individual boxes from our partner “Warehouse” are an opportunity to organize long-term or temporary storage of things: furniture, appliances, garden tools, equipment and other items. Relocation.rf services include: 1. Selection of a suitable room for storing things (individual boxing) with our partner “Warehouse” .2. Dismantling and packaging of furniture, equipment and other things for storage. 3. Carriage of things in an individual box, including a full redirection of an apartment and / or office for storage. 4. Unloading and placing things in a box. In addition, we provide packaging for independent collection of things for storage, utilize unnecessary boxes, and carry out loading and unloading operations.

Do not worry

Individual storage of things, temporary or for a long time, is an excellent opportunity to unload the surrounding space during moving, repair and in general for life and work. Private persons: Individual boxes can store unnecessary clothes, furniture, seasonal equipment (garden, bicycles, sledges and other), musical instruments, a library, children’s things, toys, strollers, building materials for repairs, etc. Entrepreneurs: Individual storage boxes – a solution for storing goods, equipment, placing exhibition equipment, archives and other things.

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