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SafekeepingThe City Boxing Company opened the first terminal outside the Moscow Ring Road. The new facility is located at 236 Leningradskoye Shosse, Building 1. Immediately after opening the terminal, a record was broken: an agreement was signed in Khimki to rent the largest lot in history City Boxing »an area of ​​two hundred and sixty square meters. m

The terminal in Khimki showed a good start to sales – in the first weeks about 20% of lots were filled. Construction began in May two thousand and fifteen. The total area of ​​the terminal was three thousand seven hundred sixty 5 sq.m. in a three-story building. “We launched a new terminal where people need it (Khimki is the second most populated satellite city, and the Leningradskoye Shosse is the main business artery),” says Yuri Shishmarev, general director of City Boxing. “The successful launch of the new City-Box terminal in Khimki indicates that self-storage in Moscow is developing according to the“ European scenario ”. In general, a personal storage warehouse can be successful not only within the TTK and MKAD, – we see that every year the popularity and popularity of this service is growing, the culture of its use is growing, ”says Yuri Shishmarev.

The choice of the location of the new terminal was based on a thorough analysis of not only the needs of the population, but also representatives of the business environment. According to the results of marketing research, experts concluded that it is the Leningradskoye Shosse area that is most in demand today for the provision of self-storage services. “This is an area with the highest level of entrepreneurial activity with a developed warehouse infrastructure. However, all the warehouses that are located here are designed for large companies. Small businesses, however, are experiencing an acute shortage of supply of warehouse space of a significantly smaller volume, estimated not by thousands and hundreds of square meters, but rather by dozens, ”says Andrei Patrushev, marketing director of KR Properties. The opening of the Khimki terminal made it possible for small businesses to rent high-class warehouses of a small area at very attractive rates. For example, the cost of an individual lot of five or ten square meters. m. is five thousand and ten thousand rubles. per month, respectively. This allows you to place a 1-2-month stock of the average online store.

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