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Trivia and devices that can make life much easier for you are usually right at your fingertips: you just had no idea that they could be used for other purposes! We will tell you about small home-made DIY tricks that will help to preserve the life of old things, update the interior and accelerate the fulfillment of everyday obligations.

1. Above your head

So that the bouquet looks fresh and elegant, the flowers in it, without fail, must stand upright, without breaking apart in any direction. Place the soft trunks of flowers such as flowers, for example, in a drinking straw – and the issue is resolved.

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2. Flowers of life

Another “flower” thought. Who said that now all the pleasures are expensive? Your gorgeous bouquet will delight you for a long time, if you add to the water with cut stems just a pinch of ordinary sugar.

3. Wall storage

Throwing away an old chest of drawers? Use his drawers to create original wall shelves for books, accessories or flowers! Attach the box to the wall with nails or self-tapping screws – and the original and practical interior item is ready.

4. Smart disguise

Tired of the plain appearance of a router, external hard drive, or other oversized device that you should always keep within reach – on the table? To hide it in an empty cover from under the book is a simple and ingenious solution!

5. “Polka dot”

Do not rush to throw away the old plastic laundry basket. Use it as a stencil to make polka dot walls! The ornament of neat repeating dots is a universal pattern that is suitable for a nursery or a bathroom.

6. Burn my candle

A lighter or match is not a very convenient way to light a candle: you can easily singe your fingers with them. There is a solution! Set fire to one long spaghetti, bring it to the wick – the fire will light up, and your hands will be safe.

7. Unravel the problems

Surely you are tired of looking for mixed up among themselves, lost under the table or behind the dresser wires. Putting them in order is easy: stationery paper clips will help you! Just attach them to the edge of the table and fix the wires.

8. Compact storage

Another example of how multi-functional some of the little things can be, which we always have at hand: the rings from the curtains for the bathroom will help you compactly store scarves or bags on a single hanger.

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