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Plastic boxes: universal, with lids, for storage, the best

A cover-bottom box is, first, a container for packaging, storage, transportation of products of various types. The company Kontur-PAK is able to make such a container strong and pretty. We make these products to order. The client has the opportunity to choose from several design options.

We have presented a universal box cover-bottom, which you can purchase by placing a manufacturing order on the website, as well as exclusive, unique packaging options, gift boxes, cases.

The lid-bottom package has two components – the bottom and the lid, which are not interconnected. Such packaging may take the form of:


This universal packaging does not require special qualifications for assembly. A lid is put on the bottom of the smallest box, the size of which is slightly larger than the bottom. The cover may cover the bottom one hundred percent in height or partially.

Durable cardboard box cover-bottom perfectly protects the packaged goods from damage, loss of presentation. That’s why this container is used in various industries:

in everyday life – storage of things, their packaging when moving – in various industries – packaging, packaging of consumer goods – in the archives – storage of documentation – in institutions – for mail transfers, packaging of corporate gifts.

Varieties of boxes “Cover-bottom”

Cardboard box cover-bottom, due to its simplicity, conciseness, low cost, has become the most popular packaging option.

Box “cover-bottom” can be made as a self-assembled design, where each of the halves is assembled separately, and as a semi-finished product with subsequent gluing or stapling by the customer on the spot. It is not practical to transport glued or stapled boxes.

With a lodgement. Box cardboard bottom-cover can have a lodgement – an additional insert inside the box, designed for convenient location and separation of items placed in containers.

The box-bottom box made of micro-corrugated cardboard is a durable package, a reliable solution for problem-free postal shipments, shoe packaging, storage of various things, documents. Microcorrugated cardboard is lightweight, environmentally friendly, is disposed of harmlessly.

The production of this type of boxes in most cases is intended for packaging consumer goods that immediately fall to the buyer. It can be boxes for confectionery, non-food items, gift boxes.

Gift box cover-bottom, depending on taste, creative, financial capabilities, is able to give the gift a certain status, create a sense of celebration, increase the degree of mood.

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