Storage Boxes under the Bed
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Great storage system under the bedWhen choosing a bed, we are in most cases puzzled by the search for comfort, good design and a suitable size. But do not forget about the storage function. Modern lodges at the moment are so diverse in design that they can fully meet all your needs.

Special backs, unusual running boards, podiums noteworthy, built-in drawers ─ here is a far from complete list of the advantages of current furniture masterpieces.

At the head of the bed there may be a unique bookcase that provides easy access to a reading lamp, magazines and books. Here you have your beloved photos, vases and souvenirs.

Boxes below are simply filled with clothes, shoes or bedding. It is permissible to mount a TV in the cabinet, hidden from the eyes, but retractable when the button is pressed. We want to give some ideas that will help unify your furniture.

Bed in the bedroom with panoramic windowsThe photograph taken in a modern salon near Montreal shows an original equipped attic, which is turned into a bedroom and a small bathroom.

You see a very simple bed with a small rack at the head, combined with a built-in wardrobe on the opposite side. Shelves are filled with books and photographs within. There is even a copper lamp for evening reading.

Another option for developing an attic is a cute bedroom for children, decorated in the Adirondack style. Photo taken in Burlington, Vermont.

Drawers under the bed in the bedroomYou see a pair of non-standard beds, separated by a double-sided wardrobe with original bookshelves. The furniture is made of oriental white pine wood. The box and wardrobe are equipped with convenient and roomy drawers, which fit a lot of necessary and useful things.

The front wall of the bedroom is made of glass so that you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan right from your bed. The residents of this house have furniture embodied by their special order. In bed there is a head back.

Reading lamps are mounted above it. The foot function is performed by a small console for TV with a built-in mechanism inside. With his help, the TV moves to its working position, and then again lowers inward so as not to close the view.

Here is a farmer’s village house. It has a bedroom with a simple design. Since space is often not enough, residents decided to abandon the bookcase. To store books, they ordered and attached a low sliding block directly under the bed.

Shelves under the bed in the attic High bed with window storage Bed with drawers Wooden bed frame with drawers

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