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Storage boxes. Advantages and disadvantages. | Fair Masters - handmade, handmadeAutumn is the time to pack summer clothes and put things in order in the pantry and closet. Now the market is in crisis, and several relevant trends can be noted:

box, jewelry storage, interior design1) zeal for a low price –

2) a drop in the level of quality-

3) a reduction in the assortment of even the most eminent manufacturers.

Of course, everyone is looking for the ability to save the family budget, but the demand for quality things is still relevant, but the offer, alas, is lame.

Despite the sanctions, there is still the opportunity to supply good things to Russia from Europe. These are high-quality plastic wicker baskets, spacious boxes and cases.

Since the beginning of the trade wars, domestic manufacturers began to mass-copy products of imported brands. In 90% of cases, the similarity is only external and at a distance.

Let’s get the basics first. How is a plastic product made?

basket, storage of materials, chest of drawersAny plastic product is made from dry granules based on petroleum refining. Typically, the resource comes from industrial powers such as China and India, because production is extremely toxic and harmful to the environment. By the way, in Russia 90% of the material for the manufacture of plastic, as well as equipment is import. This is an important point because of which, even without looking at localized production in Russian regions with low wages and cheap rent, the cost of the final product remains prohibitively high. Despite all the tales of trade agreements with our eastern "friends", all goods are still purchased for a dollar, and at the current rate of two thousand fourteen, we can safely say that all products have doubled in price.

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