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How to use vacuum bags to store things

The entire wardrobe can be divided into two categories: daily items and seasonal items. The first are t-shirts, shirts, blouses, jeans, home and sportswear. Everything is simple with them – they neatly lie on the shelves of the chest of drawers or hang on the shoulders in the closet, often get out of there if necessary and are worn all year round.

And seasonal things are obliged to migrate from time to time, so as not to take up a huge amount of space in the closet. Oh, to do everything right to save money, time and nerves:

Sort things before cleaning them up. Most likely, some of them you will not be wearing in the next season. This is especially true for children’s clothes – children grow very quickly. Sell ​​what you don’t need anymore, give, give or give away. Carry out an audit. Check your pockets for small items, candy wrappers or old tickets: in most cases, these “treasures” lurk in the pockets of children’s clothing. Carry out a minor repair of clothes: sew on the buttons that have come off, for example. Before sending seasonal items to the closet, be sure to clean or wash them, and then dry them thoroughly and ventilate. If you know how to do it yourself – fine, but it’s better to trust the professionals. and take everything to dry cleaning.

Winter storage

Winter things are big things. They require much more storage space than any other seasonal clothing. In addition, small voracious pests, such as moths and skin-eating bugs, are not indifferent to wool and fur.

Wash and treat the cabinet, mezzanine, or other place where you plan to store things with repellent pests. You can put a little cedar bark there: the smell of cedar perfectly repels moths and other lovers to feast on clothes. In addition, dried wormwood, lavender or mint will do just fine with repelling pests.

1. Fur items

In addition, treat the cleaned and dried fur coats or coats with a pesticide, for example, drop a few drops of cedar oil on the inside. Pack each item in a dense fabric cover and hang on voluminous coat hanger hangers.

Do not use plastic bags for packing fur: clothing must breathe, otherwise after a long storage without air the fur will fade, and the thing will get an unpleasant stale smell.

It is recommended to store fur hats in cardboard boxes or in dense fabric bags. To prevent them from losing shape, fill them with clean paper or put them on the frame. For example, a can or an old flower pot will do just fine with this role.

By the way: do not forget about the obligatory dry cleaning of fur hats. On their inner side, fat accumulates from the head throughout the winter season, and this is an ideal environment for the reproduction of moths and bacteria.

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