Stocking Things in the Apartment
By: Date: 08.07.2020 Categories: Storage

how-to-find-free-reserves-space-18-waysRegardless of whether you live in a small apartment or in a fairly spacious house, one day you may find yourself: there are not enough places to store things.

Is it possible to solve this issue without constructive cleaning and expanding the living space? Yes, this is completely real, if you find the reserves of the place. Where to find them? About it – our new convenient management.

how-to-find -free-reserves-space-18-ways1-1Naturally, there are much more methods for optimizing the place and acquiring the “right” furniture for small apartments (rooms). We carefully talked about some in special issues.

And here we offer solutions that relate specifically to storage, and not to the interior as a whole. Learn how to find reserves of storage space without sacrificing a comfortable life: eighteen practical tips for different rooms from Spanish decorators + thirty-six photos of their implementation with specific examples.

So, once you moved into an apartment or house, which at first seemed quite -free-reserves-space-18-ways1-2 But it’s amazing – after half a year or a year, things (which, as it seemed to you, were few) occupied all the free space, and besides, they require an “additive”. Familiar situation?

Alas, little things fill the free space much faster than bulky furniture. And we ourselves sometimes do not notice how they slowly begin to displace us. Of course, you can advise to disassemble the cabinets and throw out all the -free-reserves-space-18-ways2-1 But what if everything is needed, and a “global sweep” is not included in your plans?

In this issue, you will see real-life examples of how to optimize storage space in different rooms. Some solutions are perfect even for very small apartments, others suggest a slightly larger area, and some are optimal for a private house.

This guide is useful for those who are just planning a new interior, and for young families who are planning to acquire offspring in the next couple of years.


Let’s start with the search for storage reserves for the living room, since this room is in any, even the smallest house.

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