Rent a Room for Storage
By: Date: 01.07.2020 Categories: Storage

Temporary storage of things and furniture during repair, warehouse forWhen leaving the hostel for the holidays or graduating from the institute, you need to hand over the room and the keys to it, the manager or the commandant of the hostel.

The delivery of the room and the transfer of keys is not allowed to the head of the floor, to roommates or other people.

Those who don’t rent a room in the appropriate manner will be deprived of their right to reside for the next school year.

When passing the room you must:

1. To free the room from personal bulky items (put them in a storage room, bulky items are placed in agreement with the deputy dean for faculty BP) .2. Free bedside tables, a cabinet, a shelf, etc. from personal items. 3. Hand over bedding to the castellan. 4. Make sure that you have all the solid equipment and the inventory numbers of the furniture in this room. 5. All electrical and fire-fighting equipment, furniture, glass of the window block, window and door block fittings must be in good condition (if repairs are necessary, make requests to the joiner, electrician in advance) .6. Make sure you have an evacuation plan and extract from the fire safety instructions. 7. Wash the window, door and battery, and paint as necessary. 8. Wash the ceiling and paint as necessary. 9. Wallpaper to glue, paint or glue as necessary. 10. Wash the floor and skirting boards and paint as necessary. Glue linoleum, replace as necessary. 11. To rent a room to the deputy dean of the faculty BP (A. Pogude).

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