Plastic Storage Containers for Home
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Each house is a comfortable nest in which we come to rest and gain strength. Therefore, comfort and cleanliness in the home play a major role in the mental balance of a person. Kavardak at home is a big problem for every housewife, so you need to fight him all the time. Would you like to find out the secret of cleanliness? Read the material! This material contains 10 errors of home comfort that do not allow you to make perfect cleanliness. So…

1. Ineffective masking of flaws

Sometimes it may seem that closing a cluttered shelf with a curtain is a great idea. Believe me, this is not so. More often, such a temporary solution to the problem of disorder looks outdated and awkward. Solution: It’s better to take apart the shelves and put things in order. Then you will not get into an awkward situation if the guest accidentally opens the curtain to appreciate the “view from the window”.

2. Storage of cleaning products in one place

Sometimes we think that collecting all the detergents in one cabinet is a good idea. But if you have several rooms at home or floors, this will bring you more inconvenience than good. Solution: Keep at least one extra sponge and extra detergent in the bathroom or kitchen. This will help to clean up the spots that appear immediately, and not to postpone until the general cleaning.

3. Plastic storage containers in a conspicuous place

Transparent plastic containers are great for storing things. But putting them on open shelves is not a good idea. Firstly, their contents will be perfectly visible, and secondly, the color variety will give the room a look of scruffy and cluttered. Solution: Transparent containers – for closed cabinets, for open shelves – opaque baskets or boxes. But it is better if possible to reduce the number of open shelves in favor of closed cabinets.

4. Shelves out of range

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the regiments themselves. But if you provided for storage of everyday things several shelves near the ceiling, it is likely that you will not use them, and all things will be visible. Decision: Leave inaccessible shelves for things that you use by force several times a year, and For everyday needs, you should always have convenient storage areas at hand.

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