Plastic Storage Chests
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plastikovyy-komod_2Furniture for storing various things and objects is a fundamental component of the interior of the house. Its abundance allows you to choose the right model and organize the place correctly, comfortably and non-standard. Among the chiffoners, cabinets, closed shelves, built-in modules is a plastic chest of drawers that combines ergonomics and visual appeal. Low price complements attractiveness and serves as a fundamental argument when buying a model.

A product made of a polymeric material for storing and storing things is easy to choose for a certain interior due to the abundance of decor and internal content. Elegant, with the image of fairy-tale characters, a plastic chest of drawers will decorate the nursery and serve as a convenient storage for toys. For the bathroom, it will become an indispensable piece of furniture, because it is not afraid of moisture and easy to care for, in the dressing room will replace open shelves.

What attracts dressers from durable and inexpensive plastic

Convenient placement of things and the ability to easily get them, without violating the order of contents, are the main advantages of a plastic chest of drawers designed to store various items and attributes. According to its characteristics, it is easy to understand why it is attractive:

combination of small dimensions and increased capacity. Its design includes several separate sections in the form of drawers, accommodating a large number of different items – a long shelf life. High-quality hardware determines the stable operation of the guide system, which ensures the smooth running of the drawers. Among the models, you can choose and buy a plastic chest of drawers with oil shock absorbers and telescopic mechanisms or traditional gas lifts, a variety of designs. Existence of the automatic stabilizer of boxes prevents jamming during their course. Such a plastic chest of drawers is welcome for a bathroom where there are differences in temperature and humidity. Equipped with an electric drive allows you to open the drawer with one click on the facade.plastikovyy-komod_5 plastic dresser plastikovyy-komod_4 plastikovyy-komod_3

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