Organization of the Storage System of Things in the House
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Storage of things

1. Bought it? Throw it away!

No, not a purchase right away in the ballot box. When you decide to bring the latest thing into your home, you need to make room for it. From time to time, for the sake of this, it will be necessary to throw something away. And you do not need to think that there is nothing to throw out for you. How many things do you have in case of “What if tomorrow is war?” Will the old boots help you in the war? To put something new, you need to throw out the old. How to get rid of trash, we wrote many times.

Naturally, this does not apply to all situations. For example, if you moved to a new apartment, it is difficult to throw something out of it. But, when your house as a whole is equipped and you are going to purchase something else, you need to think about a place for things. This is especially true for T-shirts, shoes and mugs. If your hands reach for a new one, conduct an audit to throw one out.

Storage of thingsAgain, without fanaticism. Jewelry does not need to be taken to a pawnshop, but books should be handed over to the library. Collections of things are good if you constantly use them and they have a separate place for storage.

2. The order starts in the corners

Organization of any home begins with the organization of warehouses. Garage, basement, attic, pantry, mezzanine. Review what lies in them, and ruthlessly throw away everything that bothers you. Free up a lot of space. If you live in a small apartment, you need to periodically shake the drawers, cabinets and all the dark corners littered with things that you do not use.

When you think over the layout of things, move from general to particular, given several levels of storage of things:

For general use. This has its own specifics, as crowds constantly pass through these places. And if everyone uses the same cabinet, someone will definitely ruin the orderly order. Therefore, shared storage systems should be the simplest and most convenient. Personal space. Here, no matter how hard you try, unification will not help. Everyone will work because they are comfortable.

3. You can buy a wardrobe, but you can not buy an order

In the pursuit of a good organization of space, there is a trap that is easy to fall into during a shopping trip. If you look at storage systems and intend to purchase some kind of magic cabinet with a million ergonomic shelves, it seems to you that it will solve all problems.

You don’t think that only the fact of buying a simulator will make you train daily?

Storage systems are an excellent solution, but they need to be selected based on the parameters of the house and your habits. And remember that the most ultramodern projects will not clean things up and take out the trash without your participation.

4. The number and again the number

If you are already well over thirty and your work has nothing to do with technology, maybe you still keep only what you can hold in your hands. It’s time to move things into virtual space.

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