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A high-quality vacuum bag will relieve you of unnecessary problems with storage and transportation of things for a long time.Description

The main advantages of vacuum bags for clothes:

In vacuum bags you can store not only small items of clothing, but also quite large things – for example, pillows or down jackets — creating a vacuum inside the bag allows you to keep compartment Does your clothing become dusty over time or lose its own appearance? Can you not clean up your wardrobe and sort out all the things you need?

Why is a vacuum bag for storing things an excellent gift?

A vacuum bag is suitable for storing things of any material and size. Any vacuum cleaner is suitable for creating a vacuum inside the bag. Sealed bags are durable and very easy to use. Although one vacuum bag for storing clothes is definitely useful for any housewife!

How to use a vacuum bag for clothes:

Put the necessary clothes of any size inside the bag. Seal the bag tightly. Make sure that the zippers and decorative elements do not stick on the surface of the clothes in contact with the bag. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove air from the bag through a special hole. Enjoy perfect sorting and storage of your favorite things!Using vacuum bags to store things is simple and convenient!

Package size: 60×80 cm. Thickness: seventy microns. Material: lavsan, polyethylene, polyester.

Reviews on the “Vacuum Bag for Storing Clothes and Things”

I took a sample of such a package for winter things, until it seems "pouted", about a month lies))) they packed three down jackets in one package – the space savings are real, but most of all I am happy with dust safety … in short, I ordered more – to clean up all kinds of blankets for the summer, again most of all because of the desire protect from dust, small bags – for hats, scarves, mittens I regularly use such vacuum bags) In my opinion, this is a very convenient thing! Since things are very convenient to store in them, things practically do not crease, only if blouses, skirts, etc. The smell of staleness is completely absent! They save a lot of space. It is convenient when there is little space in the apartment and there is no place to store everything. She put blankets, pillows, baby clothes, jackets and all unnecessary junk in them. Everything fit on the bottom of the sofa. Just do not overload the bags and pull out and ventilate once a half year

In which cities can I buy a Vacuum Bag for Storing Clothes and Things (60X80)?

We deliver orders throughout Russia.

Based on the city in which you are located, you will receive your order either by Russian post or by a courier company immediately to your home.

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