Metal Storage Boxes
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Storage boxes: plastic, metal

Iron cabinet is a device for storing various items. Its main task is to provide a safe and comfortable place where things of a certain purpose will be located. It is also not only an aesthetically pleasing interior item, but also a protection of various kinds of objects from the action of the causes of the external environment – direct sunlight, moisture, and the like. You can use iron cabinets in different rooms where their implementation is needed – from the apartment to the basement type storage rooms.

Our company makes the following types of metal cabinets:

Archival cabinets – for organizing archives; Account cabinets – for storing papers, documents; Battery cabinets – for storing and charging batteries; Cases for cylinders – for storing gas cylinders; Dressing rooms for clothes – for storing clothes and shoes, headwear; Tool cabinets – for storing and storing tools; Card cabinets – for storing documents large-format papers; Fume hoods – for laboratories Drying cabinets – for drying clothes, shoes; Bag cabinets – for storing things of customers in stores, shopping centers; Server cabinets and server racks – for hosting servers; Computer cabinets – for hosting computers in industries; for their protection; Collector cabinets – for placing them metering devices

Today, cabinets are made of various materials. Metal cabinets are very popular. A material such as metal has undeniable advantages over many others – strength, durability, safety and security of things that will be stored in such a piece of furniture as a metal cabinet. Metal cabinets can also be installed in rooms where there is high humidity. The modern production of metal cabinets is based on the latest technologies that provide corrosion resistance to metal.

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