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storage-basket-baseIn this workshop I will show you how to make a universal storage basket with your own hands.

I simply adore various baskets, boxes and boxes in which you can store something. They help to organize a place and keep everything at hand. Now I want to show how to make a universal storage basket made of iron mesh and fabric. It can be used for linen, storage of socks, toys, fabrics, all the huge and small things. Colorful for the nursery or more restrained for the hallway, the storage basket will be a good addition to the interior and will help keep the mess under control.

DIY storage basket – materials and tools

To make a storage basket with my own hands, I spent about one hour 20 minutes. The basket girth is one m, the height is 50 5 cm, the bottom diameter is 30 one The diameter of the cover is thirty-two cm.

Welded metal mesh (two x two cm mesh) – one hundred and ten cm Gray linen or burlap (length) – one hundred two cm + thirty-four cm Light linen (length) – one hundred two cm + thirty-four cm Cardboard thirty two x thirty two cm pencilColor paintsStencil with inscriptionBrushConstruction gloves for protecting hands.

storage-basket-fabricDIY Storage Basket – Progress

1. Using nippers, we prepare a piece of metal mesh of the desired size. The mesh will be the basis of our storage basket. For work it is better to put on simple fabric construction gloves to protect hands from sharp elements.

Because the grid is stored in a roll, it itself will take the correct round shape.

storage-basket-round-fabric2. To fasten the edges of the grid, it is necessary to form an overlap of 2-3 cells and twist them in several places with wire. For this, pliers may be needed.

3. Now you need to sew a cover for the outer part of the basket. To do this, I used a rough gray-brown linen. We take the fabric and prepare a sixty-two x one hundred and two cm cut.

4. Fold it along the front sides inward and grind it on a typewriter. You can process the edge of the seam and the upper part of the workpiece with a zigzag so that the fabric does not crumble.

5. Cut a circle with a diameter of thirty-two cm from a fabric of the same color. For this, you can use a pair of compasses, a plate of a suitable size, or simply circle the base itself from a metal mesh.

6. Fold the edge of the circle and the blank from the fabric with the front sides and grind. You can pre-sweep blanks with dashed stitches to be more accurate.

storage-basket-round-sew storage-basket-fabric-external basket-ready basket-ready2

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