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wardrobeThe locker room room will help not only significantly expand the living space of the apartment, but also comfortably arrange all your clothes, shoes, devices or bedding.

By equipping the locker room, we get rid of massive chiffoners, walls and chests of drawers, which take up not less, but even more free space.

Photo of a bright room locker room

The locker room can be completely different: with open shelves, shelves, drawers, racks for hangers, fitted wardrobes, space for boxes and baskets …

So, some tips on how to equip a dressing room.

Photo of a dressing room with a shoe shelf

Proper use of the area

The wardrobe should be clearly thought out and include various sections:

– Boxes, coasters, and shelves for shoes should be placed below-

– The upper shelves should be used to store seasonal items-

– It is necessary to think over separate sections in which they will be placed

clothes hangers

– Do not forget about separate places for storing accessories, hats and umbrellas-

wardrobe– Add hooks to store bags.

Dressing room light

To keep your clothes from hiding anymore, think about lighting. After all, a wardrobe without lighting is not an ideal option for a morning search for clothes :)

If you have high ceilings, you can hang a chandelier, if low – enough built-in lights.

Shelves in the dressing room

Set up a pantry

Turning a pantry into a dressing room, try to use all the space in it. Tall ceiling cupboards or racks along the wall are ideal.

You have so many things? Use part of the room to store books, seasonal clothes, shoes, or bedding.

Men’s wardrobe room

dressing room tipsMirror + pouf = comfort

Agree, it’s more convenient to try on shoes while sitting, and evaluate your bow while admiring the mirror.

By the way, the mirror can also be equipped with lights or lights.

But if the size of the room does not leave such an option, you can hang a mirror on the door from the outside.

If the cabinet is tall enough, a stepladder will be your assistant.

Bright dressing room design


When planning your wardrobe design, consider ventilation. After all, any thing has the tendency to build up and acquire an unpleasant smell.

Or at least get aromatic sachets and periodically ventilate the room.

Clothes rack in the wardrobe room

More ideas

– Take photos of shoes and stick them on the boxes. So to find the desired shoes will be much easier-

– Use pockets for storage of bags –

– Hang hats and caps to the clothesline with clothespins-

dressing room lighting wardrobe wardrobe wardrobe

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