Ikea Wooden Storage Boxes
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Ikea toy storage system for children: boxes, containers

Last week, IKEA announced the Delaktig range, which consists of modular, easy-to-upgrade designs. The first product will be a set of duralumin profiles, which can become the basis of both chairs and beds. Poster Daily recalled examples of successful hacking of IKEA furniture.

Children’s runbike from stools

© two / 2

What will be needed: Frost stool in 2 copies

Already a notable ikea hacker from Switzerland Andreas Bend, along with his like-minded designer Samuel N. Bernier, saw the wheels of a child’s wheel in the seats of ordinary stools, and wittily transformed their legs into a steering wheel and frame. True, some necessary plastic parts had to be printed on a 3D printer. Probably the child will also want to join the process of creating such a great one. You can find detailed annotations and 3D models using the links.

3D Model Abstract

Dish Lighting

© abeautifulmess.com / sarahshermansamuel.com two / three © abeautifulmess.com / sarahshermansamuel.com three / 3

What will be needed: a huge wonderful dish, for example, Gletet

Los Angeles-based designer and blogger Sarah Sherman-Samuel offers a simple and elegant project, just one, two, three. The main thing is to successfully drill a hole, attach a cartridge with a wire and a switch. If you are not special in electrics, then you can buy a ready-made kit. The lamp will add originality to Edison’s bulb.

Instruction manual

Serving table

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What you need: a laptop table “Witshe”

The creators of the blog Style me Pretty, in love with the design of Abby and Tate, have been creating a variety of pieces of furniture and decor for more than three years. The couple shares his results and detailed instructions on how to repeat all this in the DIY section. One of them is a mobile bar for parties, the main detail of which is a table from IKEA, a piece of plexiglass, wheels and a little paint.

Instruction manual

Rack of boards and individual fasteners

What you will need: Live shelves and Ecby Walter consoles

People who do not have enough shelving options presented by the IKEA line create them on their own. For example, if you take several hanging shelves (or ordinary boards) and fasteners painted in different colors, you can get a nice and functional interior item. The design is so simple that you do not need instructions.

Jellyfish from the lamp

What you need: pendant lamp “Boya”

The Canadian designer, inspired by the ocean fauna, attached several fabric and paper elements in the form of tentacles to the familiar lamp. A simple way to settle a luminous jellyfish near the ceiling in the bathroom.

Stool hangers

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